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10 Tips for Writing Your Surgeon Cover Letter

Your Surgeon’s Cover Letters

Working as a surgeon is a much sought after career path with high salaries, plus the acclaim and respect that comes with such a role. Getting the job as a surgeon you want is not easy. Only the most qualified and capable surgeons find the best employment opportunities. This is why a surgeon cover letter is so important because it sets apart serious professionals who are worth inviting for interview.

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Whether for a position in general surgery, or a specialization such as plastic or orthopedic surgeon, you must submit an original and well written statement. Writing appropriate information in an attention grabbing style is not easy and many people want guidance from a professional service like ours.

Top 10 Tips for Your Surgeon’s Covering Letter

Refer to the following tips used by our English writing experts:

surgeon cover letter

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  1. Leave plenty of time – Start at least a week before deadline. You have to prepare, compose then revisit and revise your statement.
  2. Check the hospital – By referring to specific surgery projects or techniques you show you are a serious applicant and have done your homework.
  3. Start a fresh page – Do not be tempted to copy even small sections of your cover letter. Many HR departments have recognition software for screening applications. You will be rejected by a computer for having as little as 10% copied content.
  4. Use key words and phrases associated with the job specialty or those that stand out from the posting or hospital website – Personnel managers sometimes screen large numbers of applicants based on certain word choices.
  5. Plan your content – Your statement should be restricted to 6 or 7 hundred words, approximately one page. Introduce yourself and state why you want the job. Follow with paragraphs detailing your strengths and surgical history, before a positive conclusion.
  6. Your resume speaks for itself – do not waste time on grades or trivial career aspects. For a position like this they will have little influence on whether you get chosen or not.
  7. Career path – for such a sought after post the hospital will want to know your future plans and what they should expect from you
  8. No mistakes – a cover letter for surgeon applications really must be free of mistakes. The English spelling, punctuation and grammar has to be error free because the readers will note mistakes and this may permanently harm your chances.
  9. Tell a story – You are talking about yourself in your own words so be clear, concise and informative. Writing an essay which flows well and is engaging takes time. Revise your document so it reads well.
  10. Employ proofreaders and get advice – speak to career advisors or friends. Get them to check your statement and give you honest advice. Peer review always finds errors you have missed or produces better word and sentence choices.

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Get The Best Help with Your Covering Letter for Surgeons Position

Our professional staff use tips like these when they write a cover letter for any type of job or vacancy. By combining excellent staff with unique work processes we can guarantee our product quality and service:

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For a top quality surgeon cover letter from a highly experienced and qualified writer contact us online now, we are ready and able to help you.