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A Letter of Interest for a Position That Will Land You a New Job

Applying for a job can be a really daunting prospect. Everyone has been there whatever their field of work or level of experience. Fortunately, we are here to help! Whether you need help writing a letter of interest for a teaching position or a letter of interest for secretary position at a school we have you covered. Let’s start at the beginning though; what is a letter of interest? Unlike professional cover letters, a letter of interest for a secretary position at a school is a letter you can send when applying for a job with a company who are not advertising any positions.  In our guide, we will cover structure what you should pay attention to and when you can use letters of interest. If you want some more information you can find it here.

types of letter of interest for a positionHow to Structure a Letter of Interest for a Position

Much like when you were writing essays at school the structure of your letter of interest is important when applying for a job. Sometimes called a letter of inquiry, companies can request these of you, perhaps if they found your CV on an online site, so the structure is particularly important when conforming to their standards.

  1. Your first paragraph should explain why you are writing. Consider why you are asking for work in their company. Planning is a really important stage of writing and will help your letter of interest for a teaching position or wherever you might be applying stay coherent and organized. Use this paragraph to explain why you want to work for the company, put in any research you have done already to prove that you are serious in your applications.
  2. The second paragraph is about you. It should focus on your own qualifications, experience, and qualities that make you a suitable candidate for their company. Your letter of interest for a position should make you an appealing prospect for the company to hire. This could be a more detailed version of the personal section of your cover letter without just regurgitating your CV!
  3. The concluding paragraph should include your contact details and thank the addressee for their time. Use it to sum up the rest of your letter as briefly as possible.
  4. Always finish your letter with thanks! The company does not owe you a job so be humble and grateful for their time.

Find more sample letters of interest to help you with structuring your letter.

What to Pay Attention to When Writing Letters of Interest

Help with how to write a letter of interest for a job position can seem like it will take five minutes and could be fired off to several companies in one go. Unfortunately, as with all things job-related, it’s never quite that simple!

  • Research! A bit of research around the company you are contacting can go a long way, it shows you are keen, well-informed and that you thought your decision to apply through before you contacted them. Your letter of interest for a teaching position should include things you know about the school and its team. This means hopefully you are wasting neither of your valuable times!
  • Contact details are very easy to forget to include. This will make it impossible for a company to respond to your letter regardless of whether they have openings for jobs or not. Don’t make this silly mistake!
  • Find a name for whoever you are writing to. “Dear Sir” or “To whom it may concern” is very impersonal when a bit of research could uncover your answer. Particularly for a letter of interest for a secretary position at a school, if you won’t do a little research to find an addressee’s name you might not be the ideal candidate for a secretary!
  • Tailor your letter to each company you apply for, this makes it seem like you want a job with them in particular rather than being desperate for whoever will take you!
  • Proofreading is really important, it makes you look professional and as though you’ve spent time on your letter (which hopefully you have!).
tips on how to write a letter of interest for a job position

Image Credit: wikihow.com

A “one size fits all” approach rarely works with cover letters or letters of interest so tailoring to fit the company you are contacting is really important.A letter of interest for a secretary position, for example, is more of an introductory letter than a teaching or geologist cover letter which is in response to a job advert.Follow our structure and take the time to proofread your work and you will reap the benefits through the interview for a job! Read our guide thoroughly and you’ll be on your way to sending off some very convincing letters of interest.

Write a great letter of interest for a position with our helpful guide!