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Adorable Model Cover Letters

How to Write Model Cover Letters

Models best chance for getting work is through a modeling agency, so most model applications are made to agencies that will represent them. Application to an agency will require submitting a resume, portfolio and a model cover letter.

Cover letters for a model will use something similar to the following outline:

  • The first paragraph – introduce yourself, state the assignment you are applying for if appropriate, and how you heard about it. Often models applying to agencies aren’t applying for a specific job, but are trying to get on with an agency.
  • Body – one or two paragraphs that discuss your accomplishments as a model focusing on 2 or 3 key accomplishments. Include a bullet list of several other accomplishments without going into details.
  • If there are specific requirements for an assignment, briefly discuss how you satisfy those requirements, but avoid hard-selling yourself.
  • Conclusion – a few sentences indicating how interested you are. Include contact information and a list of enclosures. Thank the reader for their time.

Key Points of Writing Model Cover Letters

Modeling agencies receive hundreds or even thousands of applications.

To improve the chances of your cover letter getting read and making an impression keep the following key points in mind:

  • Be brief. Write a resume cover letter between half a page and one page in length. The person reading your cover letter will only spend a few seconds on it.
  • Make it so it can be easily scanned. Avoid big blocks of text. Short paragraphs of no more than 3 or 4 sentences. Use a font that isn’t too dense and line spacing of 1.5
  • Show how you fit the requirements. Many agencies specialize in representing models of a certain physical type. Research the agency before writing your cover letter.
  • Avoid overselling yourself or the appearance of bragging about your accomplishments. However, if you have completed assignments for known brands successfully, do include those.

If you have difficulty writing model cover letters, our company’s resume cover letter service can help.

About Our Resume Cover Letter Writing Service

We offer cover letter writing services to job applicants for any type of career. Our professional writers are skilled and have extensive experience writing cover letters that get results from medical assistant cover letters to legal cover letters. Using the information you provide, they will write a cover letter tailored to your specific needs.

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