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Best Design Cover Letters

What to Include When Writing Design Cover Letters

Cover letters that are written for design job application, and submitted along with your resume, serve as your introduction to the employer. For most it is the first introduction, so your best effort should go into writing it. While serving as an introduction, designer cover letters are meant to convince employers that you possess qualities and skills that are worth further investigation. Hopefully this results in an interview for the position for which you have applied. Design cover letters as well as

Hopefully this results in an interview for the position for which you have applied. Design cover letters as well as graphic design cover letters or fashion design cover letters should include the following:

  • Position you are applying for and information on where you learned about the job.
  • Key skills and abilities you have that are relevant and match those that the job calls for
  • Examples that serve as proof that you possess the abilities as claimed.
  • Some evidence that you have done some background research on the company to which you are applying, if it can be worked in naturally

Some Guidelines and Criteria for Writing Design Cover Letters

While applicants don’t have a set of rules that must be followed when writing their cover letters, following some basic guidelines can help you to write an effective cover letter. Those basic guidelines include the following:

  • Keep your cover letter short. One page is the maximum length and less is better. Four short paragraphs is long enough.
  • Customize your cover letter to the specific job. Focus on your abilities that most closely match the job requirements.
  • Display enthusiasm for the job. Show that you aren’t just looking for any job. You want this job with this organization
  • Don’t provide any unnecessary personal information that isn’t relevant.
  • Don’t use long flowery statements. Write succinctly with no excess words
  • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. They may eliminate you from consideration.

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