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Cover Letter Formats

Your cover letter for a job application is your opportunity to sell yourself in a way that you cannot achieve through your resume alone. Your resume is on the whole a list of your skills and achievements but tells the reader nothing about you as a person or what your goals are in life. Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to tell the recruiter a little more about yourself and why you should be considered for the position to which you are applying rather than anyone else. A well written cover letter can make the difference between being selected for interview or having your resume “put on file.”
So how do you write a good cover letter and what cover letter format should you use?

Selecting the Right Cover Letter Format

The cover letter format that you should use is that of a professional business letter, any suitable template from your word processor will do. There are no hard and fast rules as to exactly how you should format your cover letter but you should always ensure that it looks professional and business like. Handwritten cover letters should be avoided as should gimmicky cover letters done in multiple colors or on pink paper! A recruiter will dismiss quickly anything that is not professional unless you are very lucky indeed.

What Should Your Cover Letter Format Include?

Like a well-written essay your cover letter will have a begging, middle and an end. These should cover fully the following:

  • Introduction: Say who you are and what the reason for the letter is (What position you are applying for and where it was advertised.)
  • The main body of your letter:
    • Why you are the ideal candidate for this job; what skills and experiences do you have that are relevant (do not just repeat what is within your resume.) Tailored specifically to this job.
    • Why you want to work for their company and why you are a good fit.
    • Provide your contact details or refer them to your attached resume.
  • Thank them for their time and tell them that you look forward to them contacting you
  • End formally and sign the letter

We Can Write You a Professional Cover Letter

If you are worried about using the right cover letter format and want to have your letter written by a professional you are in the right place. Our professional service will pair you with a highly experienced cover letter writer who will be able to draw out from you the right experiences and aspirations to write an engaging and compelling cover letter.

So if you want an error free cover letter that will impress the recruiter and improve your chances of selection for an interview get in touch with us today.