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Cover Letter Structure

When you apply for a job you will usually send a cover letter with your application to expand on your suitability for the position. Your resume will typically be a list of skills and qualifications with little opportunity to show the recruiter either your personality or why you specifically want the job in question and what makes you the very best candidate.
Your cover letter is your opportunity to really sell yourself as the very best to fill that position and plant the suggestion firmly in the mind of the recruiter, But what is the cover letter structure that you should use to achieve this?

What Cover Letter Structure Should You Use?

The cover letter is a formal business letter and as such should follow a typical format or structure of a business letter. With a cover letter you need to be brief, typically a letter will only be 3 to 4 paragraphs or around half a page. Anything more is likely to result in your letter being overlooked as too much to read.

 How to Structure Your Cover Letter

The following is a typical cover letter structure that you could use for your cover letter. Ensure that you find the right name to address your application to, even phone the company if you have to and ask the reception; it is far better if your cover letter is correctly addressed to the right person.
The following is a cover letter structure that you could use:
  • Contact Information
    • Your name and address, phone number and email address
  • The Date
  • Employers Contact Information
    • Name and job title
  • Dear Mr. / Mrs. Use the correct name
  • Introduction: Tell them the purpose of your letter
  • Main Body: Match your strengths and skills to their specific needs. Tell them why you specifically want to work with them. Do not just repeat your resume; support your statements with evidence. Use 2-3 short paragraphs only
  • Closing paragraph: thank them for their time and consideration. Tell them how to contact you and tell them you are looking forward to hearing from them.
  • Yours sincerely: followed by full name and signature

We Can Write You a Winning Cover Letter

If you are having problems following or finding a suitable cover letter structure for your application our experts can help. We provide job application cover letter samples on our site. Our service is highly specialized and our highly qualified and experienced writers know exactly what needs to be included within your cover letter to make you stand out from the crowd.

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