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Entry Level Cover Letter Sample

Our entry level cover letter sample will give you some ideas as to how to write your own letter as well as helping you to understand what we can achieve for you should you not have the time to write your own. The cover letter sample entry-level written here has been crafted by our writers as have all other samples on this site. If you want a perfectly written letter of your own that will match the quality of our entry level cover letter examples then get in touch. Our writers are highly qualified and very experienced and will work with you to write the perfect cover letter.

Sample of Entry Level Cover Letter

Justin Smith

435 Happy Trail Rd.

Minneapolis, MN 55412




Date: December 8, 2012


Mr. James Jones

Merchant Manufacturing

1234 Colorado Lane

Minneapolis, MN 55412


Dear Mr. Jones,

After reviewing your job posting for machine operator, I feel I am qualified to meet the demands of the position. Per the requirements listed in your ad, I have well over the minimum of 5 years experience. I have worked all the types of machinery listed, and I am available for extended hours and mandatory overtime.

I have been in the manufacturing business for 15 years, and have work as a lineman, as well as a shift supervisor and plant manager. I am in the market for employment, as the last plant I worked for outsourced manufacturing overseas. I started with that plant as a lineman and at the time they outsourced, I had worked my way up to plant manager. I worked for that company for 11 years and during that time, obtained certifications to operate all of the machinery and was cross-trained on many other aspects of the manufacturing business.

I am a dedicated employee and hard worker, and I know I can make a positive impact on the production numbers in your plant. I learn and adapt quickly, and am available to work any shift, even overnights. Per the requirements in your posting, I have included my application, resume, and two letters of recommendation. Furthermore, I have included a copy of each of my machinery operator certifications, and a copy of my class A driver’s license with forklift endorsement.

If my skills and qualifications match what you are looking for, I would be interested in meeting with you for a personal interview. I am available on short notice and at your convenience. I can be reached by email or by telephone, per the contact information listed above. I thank you for your time and consideration.



Justin Smith


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