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Executive Cover Letter Sample

Our executive cover letter samples will give you some very good ideas as to how you can go about writing your own cover letters as well as helping you to understand the level of service that we can provide for you. This sample executive cover letter is generic in nature; your letter will be highly customized to reflect both your skills and the specific role for which you are applying. Our highly skilled experts know precisely what to write to create a compelling cover letter that could make the difference in your being accepted. So if you like our executive assistant cover letter sample or any other sample on this site and need the perfect letter writing for you needs get in touch today.

Sample of Executive Cover Letter

Justin Smith

435 Happy Trail Rd.

Minneapolis, MN 55412




Date: December 8, 2012


Mr. James Jones

Integra Solutions

1234 Colorado Lane

Minneapolis, MN 55412


Mr. Jones,

After making recent contact with the recruiting team in your Human Resources Department, it has come to my attention that you are in search of a CFO for Integra Business Solutions. After careful review of the information provided to me regarding the position, I would like to officially be considered for the CFO position currently available.

As the former CFO of the Randolph Corporation, I have the experience and expertise to oversee an organization of Integra’s size and stature. During my 10-year tenure at the Randolph Corporation, I was able to implement many cost savings strategies that ended up saving the company over $100 million in my time there. Furthermore, I helped each department maintain adequate staffing and make good budgeting decisions to ensure that they stayed within their fiscal budget each year.

I oversaw the finances of an international organization with 197 departments, each with its own budget. The company employed over 100,000 people worldwide. After the buyout and merge of Randolph Corporation, the main branch of operations moved to their corporate headquarters in Japan. Thus, my position was done away with. I enjoyed my time with Randolph Corporation, and look forward to using my skills, experience, and expertise to help Integra Business Solutions in the same way.

I look forward to meeting with you personally to discuss how we can work together to benefit Integra Business Solutions and bring the company to the next level of excellence. As requested, I have included an outline of how I would go about implementing the changes necessary to stabilize spending and reduce overall costs. After careful review of the information provided, I believe this can be done without any layoffs or cuts, as this was indicated to be the preference.

I thank you for your time and consideration, and look forward to working closely with you for the benefit of Integra Business Solutions.



Justin Smith

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