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Thank you so much for revising the first draft. I am very satisfied with the revised version.

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QUESTION: Can your service teach me how to write cover letters?

  • ANSWER: If you have the time and the resources, it’s possible.  Here’s how it could work.  All our work is custom so we don’t sell resume cover letter formats or sample cover letters or guidelines for how to write cover letters. But you can find all that information on the Internet and then you can write your own.  We can then professionally edit your cover letter and then you can apply what you learned from our professional review to a cover letter for a different employer and then submit that one for editing.  That would take a lot of time, but it is possible.

QUESTION:  Are there different cover letter types by industry I could buy to use for different companies within the same industry?

  • ANSWER:  Not from us.  We write custom cover letters unique to you and the specific company where you are applying.  If you are only applying to large retailers, certainly there will be common elements.  But if you have already looked into how to write cover letters you know general cover letters don’t impress recruiters.  They want to see a cover letter specific to them, not one that could equally apply to any of their retail competitors.

QUESTION:  Why do I need a cover letter for a resume?  Shouldn’t the resume alone be enough?

  • ANSWER:  Think of a resume as a skeleton and a cover letter as a fully fleshed out body.  The resume is a factual listing of your unique accomplishments and goals while the cover letter gives you the opportunity to expand on the resume and explain who you are as a person and why you want to work for the company where you are applying.

QUESTION:  What types of cover letters can you help me with?  Do you have a list of the companies you have experience with?

  • ANSWER:  We can help you with any company and no we don’t have a list of companies.  Our writers are professional researchers so if they are assigned a cover letter for a company they don’t know much about, they are experts at finding the information they need to learn to include in your custom cover letter.  Learning how to write cover letters that impress is often a matter of knowing the kind of information company recruiters like to see and that requires research skills.

QUESTION:  I am going to be applying to a lot of different companies.  I really don’t understand why I can’t use general cover letters for the companies where I am applying.

  • ANSWER:  If you want to stand out from the hundreds of applicants the recruiters could be evaluating, general cover letters will not get the job done.  In fact, they can make you stand out in the wrong way.  Recruiters can look at general cover letters and quickly dismiss you as someone too lazy or not smart enough to learn anything about their particular company.

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