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Great Investment Banking Cover Letters

Writing Investment Banking Cover Letters

Cover letters that applicants for investment banking positions include with their resumes are more often used to eliminate applicants than to schedule them for interviews. The purpose of investment banking cover letters is to get the reader to look deeper into your resume. In order to accomplish this goal, your cover letter must get read also. The following suggestions will increase the chances of your cover letter actually getting read:

  • It is recommended that resume cover letters be kept to a page or less, and be from 3 to 5 paragraphs. Investment banking cover letters go one step further and recommend limiting the cover letter to just 2 paragraphs. Shorter cover letters get read more often.
  • Make sure basic details such as your name and contact information are correct and the banks name correctly spelled.
  • The first paragraph should outline relevant education and experience to the position applied for. Include why you want to work at this particular bank.
  • Second and final paragraph should discuss work and academic achievements that have readied you for the position applied for. It is important to link your achievements with the position.
  • Include no information in your cover letter that isn’t also in your resume.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Investment Banking Cover Letters

Mistakes in banking cover letters serve as a filtering process. Cover letters with mistakes get eliminated, so your cover letter shouldn’t contain any. The following are some basic mistakes to watch out for:

  • Spelling and grammatical errors. Don’t have any or it is unlikely your application will get very far.
  • Keep it brief. Cover letters that are too long wont get read at all.
  • Don’t use the same cover letter at different banks. Personalize each one.
  • Provide examples to back up skills and qualifications you list.
  • Keep it relevant and professional. Don’t include unnecessary personal information.

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Resume Cover Letter Assistance

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