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Great Project Manager Cover Letters

Guidelines for Writing Project Manager Cover Letters

The cover letter you write when applying for a project manager position is going to be the first contact the employer has with you. To make a good impression and improve your chances of getting an interview, use the following suggestions when writing your project manager cover letters:

  • Customize your cover letter to the specific job. Focus on the skills that the position calls for. If it isn’t relevant to the position then don’t include it.
  • Provide examples to back up statements you have made regarding your abilities. Show how you have demonstrated that ability in a specific situation.
  • Keep it brief. The best resume cover letters should be one page or less. Use short paragraphs that are made up of short sentences. If a word doesn’t contribute something to the cover letter then remove it.
  • Make it about the company. Do some background research and include a bit of information in your cover letter that will show the reader you have done some research. Show how you will be a benefit to the company and display enthusiasm about the job.

Avoiding Mistakes in Cover Letters for Project Managers

Just as the right qualifications can land you a position, making the wrong mistake can cost you a chance at an interview. The following are some of the more common mistakes made in writing project manager cover letters:

  • Writing a cover letter that is too long. One page is the maximum length and anything over that may cause your application to be put aside.
  • Repeating the resume in your cover letter. You cover letter shouldn’t just be a rehash of your resume. Its purpose is to make the reader interested enough in you, to take a good look at your resume.
  • Failing to focus on the companies needs. Don’t include skills, abilities and experience that isn’t relevant to the position you are applying for. Keep your focus on what the company needs.
  • Failure to proofread. If you can’t fix basic mistakes on your own cover letter, how can you run a project.

If you encounter difficulties writing project manager cover letters, consider making use of our resume cover letter service.

About Our Cover Letter Service

Our company provides resume cover letter writing services for job applicants in any career field at any career level from photography cover letters to cover letters for nursing jobs. The writers we use are skilled professionals and have extensive experience in cover letter writing. They know how to write cover letters that make a good impression with employers and get results. Benefits of using our service include:

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