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How to Make Lawyer Cover Letters in 5 Steps

Get The Best Help Available With Lawyer Cover Letters

The cover letter for a lawyer job application is an important document because it is a potential employer’s first impression of you. Law firm partners or personnel directors may receive hundreds of applications, read a poorly written cover letter, and not even bother to look at the resume.

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For this reason it is vital that you be clear, concise and creative in your writing. Your letter should contain no errors and explain about your strengths and why you should be hired or invited for interview. Our company has a highly qualified legal writing team and can help you prepare an excellent lawyer resume cover letter, find out more below.

Great Cover Letter For A Lawyer In 5 Easy Steps

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We understand that every applicant and vacancy is different which is why we encourage a lot of personal contact between clients and writers. We want to get all the details about you that you want stressed in your letter and also the specifics about the position you are applying for. Our expert writers then go to work using guidelines and tips that we have developed over nearly 6 years of online operation. A general procedure you should consider is as follows:

  1. Follow the rules and prepare well. Check the job posting carefully regards closing date and any particular questions which are asked. You must answer all of them in your letter. Give yourself plenty of time for writing, review and submittal. Research the company for topical or personal references you can make.
  2. Never copy. You can receive a sample lawyer resume cover letter from us that is an excellent reference for writing style and format but we always stress that it should not be copied directly. Start with a blank page and use your own words. The company want to know about you so tell them.
  3. Use legal keywords. Many companies are using search engines these days to screen job applicants and target the better candidates. Reference the specific terms mentioned in the job posting and include some phrases unique to your legal specialty.
  4. Write perfectly. Clear and effective writing is an essential part of being a lawyer and the standard of your letter will be judged critically. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation must be free of mistakes which will give a bad impression and get you rejected straight away.

The content should try to address the following topics in some way.

  • Why you want the job?
  • What you like about the company?
  • Why the location change suits you?
  • What strengths you have?
  • What experience you bring?
  • How you hope your career will go?
  1. Proofread and review. A lawyer must use concise and accurate wording but we all know how easy it is for mistakes to get overlooked. Ask friends or colleagues to review your letter or get professional editing advice from a company like ours.

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Our Writers Are Highly Qualified

We can help with lawyer cover letters in various ways. Examples for reference, background research on the firm you want to work for, proofreading and critique services, writing an original draft of a letter for you. All our service and product types are produced to the same exacting standard using proven work practices. If you order our service you will want to be sure of getting help from a qualified person and we have them. Each member of our 200+ writing team is:

  • A fluent English speaker
  • Educated to Master’s degree or PhD level at a prestigious university
  • An expert in grammar, spelling and punctuation has 20+ years of English writing experience
  • Familiar with the style and format required for legal job application cover letters

Order our service online to work directly with a writer who will prepare your tailored statement, help with unlimited revisions, and take the piece through our internal proof reading and plagiarism checks. We want to see you successful and our services are very affordable and guarantee satisfaction.

Find us online now for the best lawyer cover letters!