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How to Make Your Solicitor Cover Letter Look Amazing

Why Go Online for Solicitor Cover Letter Writing Help

If you are applying for a job with a group of solicitors then the covering letter you send with your CV has to be very good if you want to get taken on. For newly qualified, junior or senior positions, you must not risk being rejected because of a badly written solicitor covering letter. It must tell the reader a little about you and your strengths, career experience and hopes for the future, and do it in a style which appeals to legal professionals. Coming up with such an engaging and error free piece of UK English writing is not easy and rather than take risks many people look for help on the internet. Our company has been providing such help for close to 6 years and we believe we are the best.

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Our Writing Staff Are All English Language Writing Experts

We take your solicitor covering letter seriously and know you would not want to work with an unqualified person. For that reason we have 200+ editors and writers waiting to help you compose the best letter possible.

You get to work directly with someone who:

  • Has 20 or more years writing UK English documents
  • Is a fluent English speaker
  • Writes with perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Is familiar with how to write in the right style and format for a cover letter solicitor type
  • Holds a Master’s degree or PhD

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Tips for Improving Your Solicitor Covering Letter

  1. solicitor cover letter

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    Time allocation – plan for preparation, writing and then revision

  2. Research – check all the job posting requirements, find out as much as you can about the company
  3. Keywords–use words associated with your specialty field and some you find often in company literature.
  4. Concise – try to keep your solicitor cover letter to less than a page. Your resume will speak for itself. Concentrate on your experience particularly in the legal specialty in question
  5. Grammar – you must ensure your writing contains no spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. It must be accurate and of a legal standard.
  6. Do not copy – use your own words to talk about yourself
  7. Proofread – revisit your piece yourself and ask for opinions from colleagues. This process always finds mistakes you overlooked and leads to improvements in word choices and format.

For clients who do not know how to get started we can send an example for reference. For those who want a second opinion on their own writing we can proofread and critique using rigorous and proven procedures. Send us the details of your application and we can write an original, easy to read and informative cover letter solicitor that will get you noticed.

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Tell us the details of what you need plus the deadline and we do the rest. Consider the following:

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Using expert staff and rigorous procedures gives us the confidence to guarantee our solicitor cover letter writing service. So look for us online and find out how we can help your career!