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Internship Cover Letter Sample

This sample cover letter for internship is here to give you some ideas as to how to write your own letter. If however you do not feel that you have the time and the skills to write a cover letter to the standard of our sample internship cover letter get in touch with our talented writers today. You will receive a highly personalized service, our writers will work with you to craft a letter that reflects your skills and dreams as well as the specific needs of the internship to which you are applying. They do not copy other internship cover letter samples and your letter will be highly tailored to your specific internship unlike the generic internship cover letter sample. So if you like our cover letter sample for internship get in touch for our satisfaction guarantee backed service.

Sample of Internship Cover Letter

Justin Smith

435 Happy Trail Rd.

Minneapolis, MN 55412




Date: December 8, 2012


Mr. James Jones

Big B’s Wholesale Mercantile

1234 Colorado Lane

Minneapolis, MN 55412


Mr. Jones,

I received your information from the Student Services Department of my college, Northwestern University. I was informed that you had a paid internship position open for outside sales. I am writing to inquire about this internship position and supply you with the information needed to consider me in this role.

I am currently a senior in the Marketing program at Northwestern University, and will be graduating with honors in just a few short months. As I have completed almost all of the necessary coursework, I am only taking classes part-time right now. I am finished with my classes by 10 am each day. Thus, I would be available to work from 12 to 5, Monday through Saturday, as mentioned in the posting on the school bulletin board.

During high school and my first few years of college, I worked part-time in retail sales and customer service for ShopMart. On three different occasions, I was given recognition for Sales Employee of the Month, and I received awards for Sales Employee of the Year for two consecutive years. During my junior year, my coursework became more strenuous and I was doing what was considered more than full-time coursework. Thus, I left ShopMart to put my full attention and emphasis on my studies.

Although I have been given the okay to return to sales at ShopMart, I am interested in pursuing this internship with your organization because I would like a broader range of experience in the wholesale arena. I am interested in learning to work with big buyers and retail establishments to help them stock their shelves with products that will move quickly and easily. Considering I have a fairly good handle on how retail sales works, I feel I am uniquely qualified to help wholesale clients make the right purchasing decisions for their organizations.

Per your instructions, I have attached my resume, transcripts, and 3 professional references for your review. I am interested in speaking with you about how we can work together to benefit your company.



Justin Smith

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