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Legal Cover Letter Writing Service

In the past applicants for employment were able to submit a single generic resume to multiple employers.  Today the single resume still works for most applications, but now employment cover letters to supplement the bare bones facts of the resume are part of the hiring process.  Employment recruiters want to know more than what you have done and your career objectives they can read from your resume.  Unlike the resume then, the legal cover letter must be unique for each law firm or public agency where you are applying.

For the cover letter, or as it sometimes called, the covering letter, format is the same whether you are writing a legal cover letter for work with a law firm or corporate of non-profit law organization or employment cover letters for jobs in industry.  In all cases, recruiters use the legal cover letter and employment cover letters to learn more about who you are as a person and most importantly, why you want to work for them and what you think you can contribute.  You need a custom cover letter for each job application you submit, which can be a challenging task even for gifted writers.  How to write cover letters is a skill rarely taught in academic life, so how do you learn what you need to know about a legal cover letter and employment cover letters?

Using the Internet for Cover Letter Advice

The Internet is now the principal source of information and advice for most of us.  You can find websites with cover letter advice ranging from the general steps to take to specific tips and techniques.  You can learn what needs to be included in employment cover letters and you can find specific examples by industry and examples of a legal cover letter you might use as a model.  Some sites offer generic covering letter format templates you can fill in with your specific information.  What is more difficult to find is the kind of specific information you need to tailor a legal cover letter to a particular law firm or legal agency.  Considering the importance of employment cover letters, you should consider getting professional help with this task, especially for more precise job categories like a legal cover letter.

Getting Professional Help with Your Legal Cover Letter

Suppose you are interested in applying to XYZ law firm because of their reputation.  However, you don’t know much about how they earned that reputation.  In short, you don’t have enough information to write a legal cover letter specific to that firm and what they do and have done to earn their lofty position.


A high quality professional writing service like ours can find the information you need for you and create a truly custom legal cover letter specific to each firm or agency where you are applying.  What makes us stand apart from the competition is the quality of the writers we hire.

Many of our competitors hire the cheapest writers they can find to save on operating costs.  We hire the best we can find because we know over the long term the highest quality writing will mean repeat business and referrals.  All our writers have academic degrees and practical research and writing experience with resume and employment cover letters of all types.  They know what employment recruiters are looking for.

If you want the best legal cover letter for a job application, look for the writing service with the best writers.  That is what we offer you.