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Masterful Executive Cover Letters

Importance of Executive Cover Letters

The cover letter is probably more critical when applying for executive positions than for any other type of employment. Executive resume cover letters are going to be read by the top people in any company you apply to, and competition for executive positions is usually pretty fierce. A well-written professional cover letter is critical to make the right impression on those at the top and to stand out from your competition for the position.

Cover letters, including dental assistant cover letters and cover letters for consulting require the following 3 basic components:

  1. Introduction – state the position you are applying for and give a brief outline of your qualifications and expertise that make you the most suitable applicant for the position
  2. Body – give your current position and recent achievements. Choose the most applicable achievements from your career. Achievements that reflect problem-solving abilities are best at this level. Provide examples of your reliability. Make sure that you reword this information from how it was included on your resume.
  3. Conclusion – reiterate your suitability for the position. Request an interview and give a time frame after which you will follow up on your application.

Some Guidelines for Writing Executive Cover Letters

Executive cover letters follow much the same basic guidelines as other cover letters with some slight variations.

The following guidelines will prove useful when writing your cover letter:

  • Executive level cover letters usually have more information to cover. This usually requires adding 2 or 3 extra paragraphs. Where 3 or 4 paragraphs are normal for most cover letters, as many as 6 to 8 may be necessary. The cover letter should still not exceed 1 page.
  • Include a bullet list of 6 to 10 accomplishments from your career.
  • Demonstrate your interest in this particular job at this organization. Show that you want to be there and you want that job, not just any job.
  • Show how your skills and abilities can benefit the company
  • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors

If you are unsure of the best way to present your skills and abilities in executive cover letters, the resume cover letter service we provide can help.

Our Company’s Resume Cover Letter Service

We offer cover letter writing services for first-time job seekers up to corporate executives. Our professional writers have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to present your cover letter information in the most effective way to create the impression you want. We guarantee every cover letter will satisfy all your requirements and be delivered on time.

Other benefits of our service include:

  • Direct contact with your cover letter writer
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