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Mistakes With Cover Letter Writing

Forgetting to enclose your résumé: Make sure that you include all the relevant documents, the most important of which is of course the resume.

Typographical errors : A typo or spelling error can be hugely detrimental to your efforts at professionalism and reliability, and they’re very easy to make, so ensure that you check everything before you send it in.

Inaccurate information about the organization : Any information that you include should be verified, if you include things that are not true or outdated it will harm the overall quality of your letter. Try and combine these things with your own skills and knowledge. Only communicate your familiarity with the organization if it’s true.

Tone: Finding the right tone for your letter is often very difficult. Just try and make sure that it’s written positively, and read it aloud to make sure that everything flows correctly and that it all comes together the way that you wish.

Unrelated career goals : Make sure that you specialize your cover letter to each position that you apply for. An employer wants to know what you can bring to their situation and what skills and experiences you have that applies to their field. Furthermore, your letter should have goals and hopes specifically tailored to the position and show real interest in what they do and display your own passion for doing so. You don’t have many words to work with, so make sure that you get the most out of each one that you use and that each is working towards presenting an image of yourself as the ideal candidate.

Emphasizing a lack of experience: Minimize any weaknesses or lack of experience that you may have in the cover letter, calling attention to this will only emphasize the things you can’t do for them.

Misrepresentation: Don’t lie or misrepresent any of the skills of experiences that you have, as this will likely lead to your dismissal if it is ever found out by the employer. If you’ve done something then expound on it and explain it in the best way possible, but don’t exaggerate or mislead the employer.

Using anecdotes: Don’t let your cover letter be too friendly or unprofessional, you want it to have a formal and serious tone. It should certainly be respectful and polite, but its better to avoid anecdotes or personal stories. Don’t sound desperate.You should be confident and determine in your cover letter, not desperate for a position or begging for a job.

Demanding statements: It’s common for people to make demands of the employer, like requesting a unique experience or a certain compensation, and while you should aim to be confident and determined, you don’t want to be demanding things either. It makes the employer think that you’re applying merely to satisfy your own needs, and not theirs.

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