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Academic Job Cover Letter Tips

The Importance of a Good Academic Job Cover Letter

Being invited for an interview is the aim of any job application and that requires you to ensure that your resume and covering letter clearly show that you are a perfect match for the recruiters requirements. Many applicants however fail to realize the opportunity that your academic job cover letter provides in helping you to be selected. A job cover letter does not need to restrict itself to stating your intention to apply, it is also a good way to show precisely how well you match their needs.

Writing an Impressive Academic Job Cover Letter

Being able to write a good academic job cover letter that is going to get you noticed is not easy. It needs to brief but to the point and able to communicate just how well you match their specific requirements. You should never use a generic letter; always carefully tailor your letter to match exactly what they are looking for. The more specific your letter is the better:

  • Get the name of the recruiter and address them directly, usually a phone call to the company will get you this information.
  • Identify what you feel are the key skills and requirements they are looking for by reviewing their job advert and website.
  • Clearly show how you meet those most important requirements within the main body of your letter.
  • Use clear examples rather than just stating that you have specific skills.

Our Example Academic Job Cover Letter

Good cover letter samples can provide you with ideas as to how you can write your own letters. However you should never copy them, after all your letter needs to specifically show just how well you meet their specific requirements and no example is going to show that:

Dear Dr. Gloucester,

I am writing to apply for the research post that you advertised on the university website this week.

I hold a PhD in nanotechnology through XYZ university where I also published several journal articles which received very good reviews and resulted in a number of enquiries regarding the use of some of my ideas.

I have followed the research being conducted within your department for some time and am very excited with helping you to solve some of the problems that you have identified and in finding applications for the ideas that your team have come up with.

I am capable of and willing to work within a team, my only goal is to find answers and progress the research for the recognition of the department.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this position and the research that is being conducted. I will contact you at the end of the week to discuss how we can progress my application.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. P. Halstead

We Can Write Your Academic Job Cover Letter

If you are looking for a targeted and effective covering letter for your academic job application or a cover letter for customer service job our experts can provide you with the help that you need. We use only PhD or Masters degree qualified writers that have many years of experience writing resumes and covering letters. They can work very closely with you to create a very personal and tailored covering letter. Our writing is tested for plagiarism and proofread before being delivered to you on time.

So if you need guaranteed help with your academic job cover letter just contact our experts here online.