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Cover Letter for Marketing Job

How Important Is Your Cover Letter for a Marketing Job?

If you are looking for a new or even your very first job in marketing you are going to be competing against many other applicants. So you will want to ensure that you use everything at your disposal fully to ensure that your application makes you stand out. Your marketing job cover letter is your chance to not just register your interest but to also show in just a few lines exactly how well you meet their needs. This is an opportunity that cannot be ignored and you must ensure that your cover letter for marketing job applications is written perfectly if you are going to be invited for an interview.

Writing Tips for Your Cover Letter for Marketing Job

Writing a good cover letter for marketing job applications is not going to be quick and will require you to do a fair amount of research to discover exactly what they are looking for. A covering letter needs to be carefully tailored to show exactly how you meet their specific needs.

To do this you need to:

  • Review the company website and job advert to highlight:
  • Specific skills and experiences that they are looking for
  • Company goals and values
  • You then need to choose what you feel are the most important of these and show how you specifically meet those requirements.
  • Use examples to demonstrate your skills, not just state that you have them.
  • Proofread very carefully to avoid any errors within your letter

Our Cover Letter for Marketing Job Example

The use of sample cover letters is a great way to understand how others have tackled their own letters so that you can see what you should do.

However never copy any as they are never going to reflect the needs of the job that you are applying to and nor are they going to reflect you:

Dear Mr. Wiggins,

I am writing this letter to apply for the online marketing expert that you have advertised for on your company website.

I am a marketing graduate that has worked for a local marketing agency for the last 3 years working with a variety of different companies in the region. My main role has been the promotion of brand awareness and sales generation through social media and other online routes.

I have an in depth knowledge of how to use social media to build brand recognition and reputation and for my last client was able to improve their brand awareness by over 75% according to their own surveys. Another client saw an increase of 23% in sales after improvements to their online marketing.

My skills with social media and other online sites include the use of tools that will enable the posting of stories and links automatically to minimize the often significant work load required.

I have a good understanding for your products and services having worked for several other clients in the same industry and I am sure that I can help you to build your business significantly.

I look forward to sharing some of my online successes with you and can be reached at any of the numbers or my email listed above. I will follow up my application at the start of next week.

Best regards,

Maurice Milton

We Can Write Your Cover Letter for Marketing Job

The writing of a good cover letter for a marketing job or a cover letter for banking job is not easy and it can take a lot of time that you just may not have. That is why using our professional job cover letter writing services can help. Our highly specialized and qualified writers can help to give you an edge over your competition and help you to get an interview. Our services are highly affordable and come with a full money back guarantee. So if you want an original and error-free cover letter for marketing job written just contact our online experts here today.