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Cover Letter for Retail Jobs

The Importance of a Good Cover Letter for Retail Jobs

When applying for any job it is vital to ensure that you provide a cover letter for your application even if one has not been requested. Most recruiters will expect to see one and an application that does not contain one may suggest that the applicant is just sending out their resume to every job available without any real thought. The same goes for a generic cover letter for retail jobs, you have to ensure that you carefully tailor your retail job cover letter to reflect exactly what the job is looking for so that they can see that you have taken the time and effort to really think about the job and that you have a real interest in it.

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter for Retail Jobs

Being able to write a cover letter that is actually going to get you noticed is not that easy and you will need to take a fair amount of time to think about what you will need to write. You will want the recruiter to immediately see that you are suited for the position right from the start and to make that lasting positive first impression:

  • Review what the job is actually looking for by carefully reading the job advert
  • Read the company website to see what they value in their employees
  • Rank their expectations to identify what is most important to them
  • Reflect those expectations within your letter by showing how you meet them

A Cover Letter for Retail Jobs Application Example

The following is a sample cover letter for retail jobs, this will give you some ideas as to how you should word you letter and what you should cover. Remember that your letter will need to reflect what they are specifically looking for and how you meet those needs:

Dear Mr. Bloomfield,

I am applying to the position of retail assistant within your high street branch that was advertised on your notice board this week.

I have had several years of experience in the retail industry and over half of this has been within high end fashion as sold by your store.

I have had full training in taking measurements for fitted garments and have also been on training courses for customer care. Past roles have covered everything from fitting room duties to manning the returns desk in a busy store so I am completely flexible to help out within all areas of your business as required.

I am a calm yet friendly person that makes friends very easily and have always enjoyed working within a retail environment. My persuasive yet friendly nature is very helpful in helping customers make decisions and I have always exceeded sales targets that I have been given in previous stores.

I am available to be interviewed at any time and can be contacted on any of my phone numbers. I look forward to hearing from you and being given the opportunity to interview for this position.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Martha Madison

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So if you are looking for a reliable cover letter writing service for your cover letter for retail jobs just contact our experts here today.