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Cover letter for Sales Job

Why you need a good cover letter for sales job applications

Like jobs in any other area sales jobs are typically applied to by many so you will have to use everything that you can to your advantage if you want to win an interview. Your cover letter for sales job applications is something that many applicants will neglect and it is to your advantage to use it fully. A covering letter does not need to be just a formal statement of your application; it is a perfect opportunity for you to clearly show exactly how you match their specific requirements.

What should your sales job cover letter cover?

Writing a cover letter for sales job applications does not have to be difficult if you think carefully about what it is that they are looking for. You are looking to convince the recruiter that you are a perfect match to their requirements and to do this you need to simply:

  • Review the job advert to identify the specific experience, skills and other requirements that they are looking for.
  • Review their website to identify key things they look for in an employee.
  • Rank those requirements as to what you feel are the most important.
  • Match your skills and experiences to the top 3 to 5 requirements

Example cover letter for sales job

The following is a simple sample of a cover letter for sales job application. Do not copy, after all you will need to tailor your specific letter to ensure that it matches you and the specific needs of the company that you are looking for:

Dear Maurice Brown,

I am writing this letter and attaching my resume to apply for the lead sales executive’s position that you advertised in the B2B Magazine July Edition.

I have worked for the last 7 years in a role selling components similar to yours within the automotive industry so I am familiar with the same customers that you service and have already many established contacts that I could use to your advantage.

During the last several years I have grown the sales of my division’s products by a factor of 3 through the use of my sales abilities, something that I know that you would like to achieve within your own company. I am confident that with my skills and my contacts that we can quickly increase the sales in the areas that you have targeted.

I have also worked extensively on new product launch and fully understand the requirements imposed within the automotive industry so will be able to be a valuable member of your NPI team.

I can be contacted through my email and can be available for an interview with 48hrs notice. I will follow up this letter with a call at the start of next week to ensure that you have received my application.


Yours sincerely,

Michael Misfit

We can write your cover letter for sales job

Your new position could mean a significant increase in salary and future opportunities so it can be very important to ensure that you use every advantage that you can. Using a professional writing service for your application can give you the edge that you need. We offer highly specialized writing within your industry through highly experienced and qualified writers. We can tailor your job cover letter for sales job or a cover letter for it jobs perfectly to help you get selected for an interview.

Contact us today for guaranteed and highly affordable cover letter writing for your cover letter for sales job applications.