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Cover Letter for Summer Job

Do you need a cover letter for summer job applications?

Summer jobs are hard to come by and many positions will be swamped with applications so you will need to ensure that you take every opportunity you can get to get an advantage with your application. Your cover letter for summer job applications is your best chance to make an impression. Using a generic letter or not including a job cover letter at all will not show the reader how interested you are in the position. Your summer job cover letter is also your opportunity to clearly show how much of an asset you will be to them during your employment. If you don’t know how to start a cover letter for a job, follow the tips below.

How to write your cover letter for summer job

Your cover letter for summer job applications needs to be tailored for each specific application and should clearly show that you are someone that meets exactly what they are looking for. So ensure that you:

  • Review the job advert and website to clearly identify what they are looking for from their employees
  • Show how you meet the most important of these needs within your cover letter
  • Address your letter to a named individual so that you show you have taken the time to research the position and who to send your letter to
  • Write in your own words always
  • Carefully proofread so that you have no mistakes in your writing

Our cover letter for summer job example

The following sample cover letter for summer job applications is written for a retail position. Ensure that your letter will reflect the job that you are applying to and of course your personal skills and abilities:

Dear Mr. Happy,

Please find attached my resume in application for the summer job position within your garden center that was advertised on your website this week.

I am currently studying for a business degree at university and have ambitions to start my own retail business once I graduate. I firmly believe that to understand everything that I need to know about a retail business that I should experience it.

I have worked as a sales assistant in a small retail store during previous summer months but I am looking to work in a larger and much busier environment such as that offered by your store.

I am hard working and reliable and would be willing to do overtime during busy periods as you require even at short notice. In my previous summer employment I had a 100% attendance record and received a letter of commendation for my interaction with the customers.

I am available at any time for an interview and can be contacted through my cell number above. I hope to hear from you so and look forward to an opportunity to work with you and your customers.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Gary Fairbill

We can write your cover letter for summer job

If you need a summer job cover letter we can provide you with the help that you need at a price that you can afford. We offer professional writing services through native English speaking writers that have many years of writing resumes and covering letters in all industries. We provide complementary proofreading and plagiarism testing and also cover everything that we provide with our full satisfaction money back guarantee.

So if you need a well written cover letter for summer job applications just contact our experts here today for guaranteed help that you can trust.