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“Writing cover letters is one of the hardest tasks for me since I don’t know how to use words in the written form to compel or convince my potential employer. I am so glad to hire WritingCoverLetters.net for their services. I will surely order from them once more.”

Ted, UK

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Receptionist Cover Letter Writing Service

In the modern world you need to know how to write a cover letter to be able to get a job.  If your writing skills are not that great, you should get help.  Effective cover letters can make you stand apart from the literally hundreds of applicants applying for the same position.  Research studies of trends in employment hiring practices tell us the cover letter has become as important as the employment resume and to some recruiters it is more important.  It is the first thing many read and creates a first impression.  The purpose of the cover letter is the same regardless of the kind of job.  A receptionist cover letter should follow the same standard format as a nursing cover letter or a medical technician cover letter or a sales cover letter.

What It Takes to Write Effective Cover Letters

There are three common elements to all effective cover letters.  They are:

  1. A compelling yet brief presentation of your unique talents and skills;
  2. An explanation of why you want to work for the company or agency where you are applying;
  3. A statement of the contribution you could make to the company or agency.

Many applicants think effective cover letters should be about them. In fact that is not enough. Employment recruiters for all jobs are interested in knowing why you want to work for their specific company.  Telling them your people skills would make you a great receptionist is not enough.  They want to know what it is about their company that makes you want to represent them as the first point of contact with the public. They want to know how your skills and talents will help them do what they do.  That is no easy task and considering the importance and the competition, you should definitely look for help with learning to write a cover letter.

Getting Help with a Receptionist Cover Letter

The Internet is a source where you can learn the basics of what makes effective cover letters and where you can even find receptionist cover letter samples you can use as a template.  But Internet websites know nothing about you and your skills and talents.  To translate your personal characteristics into a compelling receptionist cover letter, you need help from a professional resume and cover letter writing service.


There are many services available but only a few that can deliver the kind of high quality cover letters you need to give yourself an advantage. We think we are one of the few because of the quality of our writers and the way we work.

While many services hire the cheapest writers they can find to save on costs, we only hire the best.  All our writers are native English speakers with academic degrees, practical research and have experience in writing effective cover letters.  Our writers know what employment recruiters are looking for.

While we offer the same unlimited revisions and guarantees and customer service as many of our competitors, we are unique in that unlike many of them we allow and encourage direct interaction between you and your writer at any time your cover letters are being written.  We can write all the receptionist cover letters you need or professionally edit, format, and proofread an initial draft of a cover letter. With our help, the improved draft could then serve as a model for the remaining receptionist cover letter needs you have.

Very few of our competitors can match our writers, the way we work, or the range of services we offer.