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Retail Cover Letter Writing Service

As you know the job application process today has become more complicated than in the distant past because of the addition of the cover letter.  Employment recruiters today want to see a cover letter accompanying your resume and the cover letter is often the first thing they read.  Employment research firms tell us today the customer service letter has become as important as the resume itself and with some recruiters, it is actually more important.  Faced with the prospect of submitting dozens of resumes, some applicants desperately seek short cuts. Some think they can use a generic cover letter for all jobs.  If they are concentrating on a specific industry like retail, they think a generic cover letter for retail positions from different companies will do the job.  What is wrong with generic cover letters or a generic retail cover letter?

The Importance of a Unique Retail Cover Letter

The cover letter gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to a prospective employer. A helpful way to think of the cover letter is as a first meeting with the employment recruiter. What can you say about yourself to give you an edge over other applicants?

You want to go beyond the factual listing of accomplishments and goals in your resume to tell recruiters who you are as a person. But an excellent cover letter needs to go beyond that. Employment recruiters want to hear why you are interested in working for their specific company. They want to know what you will bring to the company that will help them with their ongoing and future business. You like talking with people about their needs so you think retail would be a good career. But what do you know about the products and services of a specific retailer and its customers?  That is the kind of information that when presented in a compelling way can set you far apart from other applicants for the position.

Professional Help with Cover Letters for Retail Jobs


Think about the skills needed and the time involved to write a cover letter for every retail job to which you are applying.  An Internet search will quickly show the need to write a cover letter that grabs the recruiter’s attention in the opening statement but that requires writing skills you may not possess. In addition, do you have the time and the research skills needed to check into the specifics of each company where you are applying?  Can you learn about their products and services and customers? Can you learn about their market share or industry awards or the prominence of some of the company owners?

All these are examples of the kinds of specific details you could weave into your retail cover letter that would surely impress a retail recruiter. A professional resume and cover letter writing service like ours can help you create that kind of compelling cover letter. Retail positions sometimes draw literally hundreds of applicants so you need all the help you can get.

We think we are one of the best resume and cover letter services available because of the quality of the writers we hire and the way we work with you.