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Successful Cover Letter Content

Cover letter content is a very important part of a successful job application. The employment industry experts agree that what a cover letter should contain is a seriously well thought out, range of information to add high value to your application.

Cover Letter Content Values

A cover letter is basically a marketing exercise. “Basic” is the word. Your cover letter is to develop the information contained in your resume, without recycling that information or duplicating it, which simply waste space.

Effectively your cover letter is best used to embellish and add value to the resume. Content values can best be expressed by quantifiable values like performance indicators, bullet point lists, and other information which relates directly to the top priorities of the position.

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@resumecoverlets Cover letters are a marketing tool. Sell yourself in a highly competitive market, presenting you, like positioning a new product.


Drafting a Cover Letter – What Information Should a Cover Letter Contain?

Successful Cover Letter ContentThe natural question, “What information should a cover letter contain?” Should be the first question you ask yourself when composing your cover letter. Information quality is obviously important, and it’s also the key factor in the competitive environment of job applications. Your cover letter needs to be competitive, present well, and provide useful information to the employer.

The best way to do this is to create a structured cover letter. Provide your information in separate paragraphs for each statement.

For example, for a sales position:

  • For sales figures and performance, you can use one paragraph.
  • For exceeding sales targets and qualifying your performance indicators, use the following paragraph.
  • For customer relations and account management, you can integrate both aspects into your third paragraph.
  • If you have more information to provide you can use bullet point lists or single sentences.

Basic Structuring and Content Management for Cover Letters

A few pointers at this stage regarding composition and information management:

  • Remember that your cover letter is only going to be one page, so be very conscious of how you manage your space.
  • The information which should be in a cover letter is governed entirely by the job description. Make sure that your cover letter is cross checked against the job criteria.
  • Additional information you may wish to provide may include volunteer work, community engagement, or other useful information contained in your resume.

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 @resumecoverlets Show your humanity. If you have relevant volunteer experience include it briefly in your cover letter. It will show you in a winning way.


Drafting Your Cover Letter

When drafting your cover letter, do not make the usual mistake of wasting space on non-essential elements. Your cover letter is essentially a business letter. Compose it accordingly, with minimal “decoration”. Simply provide a reference, brief introductory sentence and salutation. Use a brief, concluding sentence and signatory information.

Check each paragraph of your resume cover letter systematically.

  • Does it read well?
  • Does it say what you want to say?
  • Does it provide useful information for an employer?
  • Most importantly – Does it add value to your application?

When you’re satisfied that your cover letter meets these criteria, your application is ready to submit. Be fussy about your cover letter content, and you will feel more confident when submitting your application.