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Tips on how to Write a Job Cover Letter

If you’re wondering how to write a job cover letter, you’re not alone. Many people have a hard time writing resume and cover letter and most people make some very basic mistakes in the process.

Another common problem many people have is that they were trained how to write old-style cover letters. Things have changed considerably in the job market in the last few years, regarding application and cover letter content. If you’re not up to date, you’re not alone, but you do need to get up to speed with market expectations.

The New Cover Letters – Basic Content

A cover letter is effectively a value statement attached to your job application. Your resume provides lot of useful information for the employer, and your cover letter is an opportunity to develop that information and add more details and depth.

The bottom line in writing a cover letter is that you need to provide a prospective employer with useful information.

This means that:

  • You do not rehash information already contained in your resume.
  • You provide quantifiable information which integrates well with your document and work history, skills, and other related information.
  • Remember that your information must be competitive in this environment. Your cover letter should provide a competitive advantage.

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@resumecoverlets Highlight your strengths in a cover letter. Show list of relevant skills, state of accomplishments on your recent jobs that will impress.

Managing Your Information Content, Information Quality and Style

Tips on how to Write a Job Cover LetterDrafting a cover letter is actually pretty straightforward – All you need to do is provide enough space to deliver high value information content. The trickier than it might sound. If you have good information, you need to keep that information in good condition and reading clearly when including it in your cover letter.

You may need to use a significant amount of space, however, and this is when drafting your cover letter becomes extremely important.

Space management is comparatively easy, with a few simple tricks:

  1. Draft your job cover letter outline allowing a separate paragraph for each piece of information you wish to provide.
  2. Only include important information which shows your application in a very positive light.
  3. Remember you only have one page to work with. That’s about 300 words in 12 point font.
  4. Map out your space for each paragraph.

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@resumecoverlets 2-3 reasons in a cover letter are enough to show why your experience makes a good fit and give a brief outline of career highlights.
Information quality is now your major issue. You need to be critical at this point regarding the value of information you’re providing.

Self-criticism can be very helpful at this stage:

  • Does your cover letter information look competitive?
  • Can you do better by providing a different range of information?
  • Are you happy with the quality of information in your cover letter?

One thing you will notice immediately when drafting your cover letter is that the information that looks good looks a lot better than the information you’re not sure about. Trust your judgement on this matter, because cover letters are very much part of the presentation of your job application.

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