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Top 10 Cover Letter Blunders that Will Cost You the Job of Your Dream

A cover letter is a component of your application package, alongside with your resume. In this case, it also deserves careful attention for the best results in your job hunt. To start with, check out the following for the top 10 mistakes you cannot afford to commit in your cover letter.

top 10 cover letter blunders that will cost you the job of your dream


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What Cover Letter and Resume Mistakes May Cost Your Dream Job?

  1. 97 percent of hiring officers make interviews based on your resume
  2. 10 percent of hiring officers revealed that they read cover letters
  3. 70 percent of those who read still do not give interviews to a candidate
  4. 33 percent of hiring officers said that they receive cover letters

How to Make Your Cover Letter Better

  1. Always mention the specific job title when writing your job cover letter.
  2. Show your value proposition, as what you can offer them.
  3. Add in some of your personality when writing. You don’t need to sound too serious or even boring.
  4. Write with specific keywords and key phrases, as mentioned in the job posting.
  5. You should include a referral if someone recommended you.
  6. Label the attachment correctly, preferably with your full name followed by a cover letter.
  7. Use only relevant information, but do not restate your resume.

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Cover Letter

  1. Applying without a cover letter: about 50 percent of employers still find a cover letter important in a job application.
  2. Writing using a genetic template: use a specific cover letter for your application.
  3. Addressing the letter with “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam:” Research and use the specific name of the hiring officer or employer.
  4. Grammar mistakes: read and proofread your cover letter well before submission using our cover letter services.
  5. Writing too much about you: instead, you should write the reasons you fit the job requirements and your value.
  6. Worshipping the company: this is a no-no. Avoid saying that you love their company.
  7. Writing it too long: write succinctly and precisely. Recruiters are looking for brevity.

Follow our tips when writing your cover letter, but you can contact us if you think you cannot come up with an impressive one or you think you still do not know how to come up with one!