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Useful Job Application Facts and Numbers

Before applying for a job, check out the following information for some interesting facts and dates about job applications and writing a perfect job cover letter.

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History: Timeline of Job Applications

  • In the beginning, men hunted and women gathered
  • 1492:  People could spin wool or sail the ocean
  • 1632: Applicants started sending letters in the first US post office
  • 1800: People worked on family farms
  • 1876: Telephone came out, thanks to Alexander Bell who invented it
  • 1950: White collar jobs boomed post war
  • 1982: First video resume on VHS; video resumes became viral courtesy of Aleksey Vayner
  • 1983: Fax machines were easier to use
  • 1999: First online board was made
  • 2000: Half of the world’s population use WWW
  • 2005: YouTube was made
  • 2011: Companies planned of spending fifty percent (50%) more on social media recruiting
  • 2015:  Almost all use the web

Things to Know about Job Applications

  • There were 3.6 million openings for jobs by 2012’s end
  • About 80 percent of jobs aren’t advertised
  • 118 is the average number of applicants for a job
  • 20 percent of applicants out of 118 get an invitation for an interview
  • Screening of resumes are done by talent-management software
  • Up to 50 percent of the applications are weeded out before someone looks into an application
  • An average interview can last up to 40 minutes
  • 24 hours to two weeks is the time frame before an applicant hears from an employer
  • About 36 percent of employers are looking for multitasking skills
  • 31 percent of them are looking for employees with initiative
  • 21 percent of employers search for applicants with creative thinking
  • 12 percent of them looks for something else
  • 42 percent of professionals feel uncomfortable when negotiating about salary
  • Without good negotiation, a person might lose over $500,000 when he reaches 60 years old

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