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Value Proposition Letter Writing: A Guide

A value proposition letter is all about explaining exactly why you’re the right fit for the job at hand. It is a concise summary of everything you are capable of that directly ties in with what your prospective employer is trying to accomplish. Make sure you climb as high as you deserve on the job ladder when getting a new job by writing a top class letter that shows your true worth.

The Main Features

A value proposition statement differs significantly from a simple cover letter. It’s important that you get to grips with the most common features of any value proposition statement as employers will request one of you more often than not these days.

Simply put, it’s a concise paragraph that focuses on specific reasons for which a job seeker is an ideal candidate for a given job. You should keep it down to around 130 words on average: for the best results, a range of 100 to 150 words is recommended. Consider yourself as a product you’re trying to sell to the hiring manager and you’ll get the right idea.

The best such statements efficiently explain why your skills make you perfect for getting a new job. Reference to personal and professional strengths plus all relevant previous accomplishments is highly advised.

Why Use Such a Letter?

The best way to make a resume for job applications the best it can be is to include a stunning cover letter. You’ll find that a value proposition is the ultimate in cover letters as it does all the work for your recruiter or hiring manager. They’ll know right away whether you’re the ideal person for the job. Once you’ve understood how to write such a statement, it remains only to make a resume for job applications that fits it best.

In some cases, a statement like this will be considered apart from your cover letter proper. That’s why it’s important to know how to include this information in a letter as well as being aware of how to construct it as a standalone statement.

How Is This Different from a Typical Cover Letter?

creating a value proposition letter

Image credit: Unsplash

Being that both types of documents are directed towards the same goal, there are a number of similarities. It’s true that they ultimately express the same information; it’s just that they use slightly different ways of doing this. Make sure you check exactly what your prospective employer is asking for before you craft your documents and send them for submission.

Whereas a cover letter is a supporting document for your resume that lets your employer know that you’ve crafted your application documents especially for them, a value proposition is much more like a sales proposal. As such, it should cover three extremely important aspects of any successful sales deal.

  • The clue is in the name, and you need to explain why you’ll give value to the company. A great skill set is all well and good, but you need to demonstrate how your prospective employer will achieve results by hiring you. In particular, you need to use your previous accomplishments to show how they’ll benefit numerically, either in terms of a percentage improvement of a particular aspect of their business or in absolute terms.
  • Use a qualitative information to tell your prospective employer why they stand to gain from your valuable experience. Provide examples of situations in go home you excelled and made a real difference. By combining the statistics of the first point with the concise and direct demonstration your skills, you’ll have a great statement prepared.
  • If you feel you need to add some extra information beyond the applications of your professional experience and the use of your skills, you could provide something that shows that you’re a real person and not just a machine. Your prospective employer is human too, and they might well want to hire someone who shares a common interest. If you can relate this interest back to the job, that’s even better.

How to Write a Value Proposition

As statements like these become ever more prevalent, you’ll need to go the extra mile to get noticed. There are a number of things you can do to get yourself off on the right foot. Give some of the following tips some of your time and you’ll reap the rewards.

  • Construct a mind map. You have plenty of skills, as well as all kinds of work experience and achievements, and you should write them all down in a kind of master list.
  • Consider your strengths and weaknesses and ask current and former colleagues and employers for their opinions. Use this valuable information to your advantage and add it all to your mind map.
  • Narrow down the content of your list until you end up with only those skills and achievements that are most directly relevant to your job application.
  • As mentioned above, use numbers and statistics to explain exactly how you made a difference in your previous jobs, but make sure you specifically reference the present and focus on how these experiences relate to what you can accomplish for your potential new boss.
  • You ought to use bullet points to demonstrate a focus on specific reasons for which you should be hired. Limiting them to two lines and putting the strongest reason first should be ideal practice.

Getting to Grips With Possible Questions for Job Interview

There are all kinds of possible questions for job interview hopefuls to come to terms with, and a thorough understanding of the content of these questions and the logic that underpins them will stand you in good stead when it comes to crunch time.

Creating a value proposition requires a decent amount of introspection, a skill that doesn’t come easily to everyone. The alternative is to read extensively about the various interview questions that could come up and figure out an answer that’ll satisfy your interviewer.

value proposition letter writing advice

Luckily, most of the legwork has been done for you already and you can find plenty of tricky question examples alongside some clever and effective answers online. Creating a value proposition will seem so much easier once you’ve made the most of the links below.

  • LiveCareer has assembled a short but sweet list of the three most common interview questions that are designed to trip you up. Whether it’s explaining how you overcome your biggest flaws or it’s describing why you want to work with them, these three questions are vital inclusions in anyone’s interview preparation.
  • The Balance is useful as ever and has come up with a thorough list of 10 of the trickiest interview questions and ways of answering them effectively. Make sure your communication skills shine through when you follow the advice laid out here.
  • Oftentimes, questions are designed to reveal your communication strategies and to lay bare any shortcomings you might have on this front. JobSite has listed 14 of the hardest questions to answer on the subject of communicating in difficult scenarios. Make sure you don’t get caught by doing your research in advance.
  • If you’re a recent college graduate, you’re brand-new to the job hunting game. You’ll need all the help you can get, especially as there’ll be plenty of questions specifically designed to trip graduates up and really push them out of their comfort zone. Target Jobs has 9 difficult questions, each with interesting ways of answering them properly.
  • Interviews can be exceedingly difficult if you’re in the business of sales, and interviewers are always thinking of trickier ways to rehash the same old questions. Get to grips with the best ways to answer these problematic questions by following the advice from Monster.

Some Job Hunting Tips to Get You Started

There are a few simple tips that you can consider if you need a little help getting started your path towards employment. Think about the following ideas if you’re struggling to get the kind of job you’ve always wanted.

  • Build and maintain a network of professional and personal contacts that you can use to get important information ahead of other potential applicants.
  • Put your resume online using LinkedIn and let employers come to you.
  • Look at specific companies depending on how good a fit they’d be for your needs. Don’t apply for a given position in just any company.
  • Consider internal recruitment. This ties in with networking and the right word to the right person could land you a job more easily than you might imagine.

Writing a brilliant value proposition letter is all about selling yourself to your potential employer. Use all of the tips and tricks above to boost your chances to get employed with your accounting or lab technician cover letter. Knowledge is power in this game, and now you can really show them what they’d be missing if they made the mistake of not hiring you.

Your value proposition letter will shine when you follow all the tips above. Get the job of your dreams when you show them what you’re worth!