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Why You Should Write a Good Cover Letter

The importance of being able to write a good cover letter

Getting a new job is not going to be easy whether you are just starting out or have been in your career for many years. Most advertised positions will attract many applications and if you want to have any chance of getting an interview you will need to make sure that your application will make you stand out. To do this you need to take advantage of everything that you can possibly use within your career cover letter. Many will fail to realize the opportunity that a good cover letter for job applications presents. It is an ideal opportunity for you to clearly show just how well you meet their needs. So here is our cover letter advice.

How can you write a good cover letter?

The point of your cover letter is to register your interest in the job and to clearly show just how well you are suited for that position. Doing so however you should ensure that you avoid all of these common errors:

15 errors to avoid when writing a good cover letter

  1. Don’t address it to the wrong person – ensure that you get the right name and department.
  2. Don’t use paragraphs or sentences that are too long – the recruiter will most likely just skim through your writing so it needs to be easy to read.
  3. Keep to the truth at all times.
  4. Avoid talking about your personal information, stick to the job.
  5. Do not talk about your expected salary.
  6. Do not talk negatively about any past or current employment.
  7. Stay relevant, do not talk about anything that is not related to this job.
  8. Don’t make the job look like a simple step to another position.
  9. Don’t talk about qualifications or experiences that you lack for the position.
  10. Don’t talk about what you want from the position.
  11. Don’t talk about what you do not want from the position.
  12. Don’t use language that is excessively flattering or modest.
  13. Don’t sound as though you are desperate for the job or that you have an overwhelming interest in it.
  14. Don’t make any excuses within your letter.
  15. Don’t submit any letter that contains any errors in spelling or grammar

write a good cover letterOur staff are qualified to write a good applying for a job cover letter

If you are struggling to write a good cover letter then our highly qualified staff can provide you with the help that you need. We provide our highly specialized writing services through the use of writers that are:

  • PhD and Masters degree holders
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  • Fully understand what recruiters are looking for
  • Are speakers of English as a first language

good cover letter for jobWe can write a good cover letter for you reliably

Why risk not getting invited for an interview when for a very small outlay you can have your covering letter and even your resume written by a professional that really understands what is required to land you that job. We offer writing that is not only written by one of the very best writers in your industry but we also provide you with a host of other services to ensure that you will get the very best:

  • Plagiarism testing to ensure that your letter is completely original
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So if you want to write a good cover letter for your application just get in touch with one of our experts through our highly professional job cover letter writing services here today.