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Wonderful Librarian Cover Letters

Guidelines for Writing Good Librarian Cover Letters

Librarian cover letters play an important part in the application process when trying to land a librarian position. How important may vary from place to place, but there is usually quire a bit of competition for available positions and cover letters are often used to filter out applicants as well as well as being used to select applicants to interview. The following suggestions and guidelines, if followed, will prove beneficial:

  • Customize your cover letter to suit the position. Address the positions specific requirements and focus on your skills that most closely match. If a skill isn’t relevant to the job, don’t include it in your cover letter.
  • Tell why you want to work in that job in that organization. Employers want applicants who want “that” job, not those who just want a job.
  • Display enthusiasm for the job
  • Be confident but not to the point of arrogance.
  • Include transferable skills even if gained outside of libraries.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Cover Letters for Librarians

To write successful librarian cover letters, teacher cover letters or human resources cover letters there are some mistakes that you should avoid. The following are some mistakes that many applicants tend to make with their cover letters:

  • Don’t write a cover letter that is just a list of all of your qualifications. Include only relevant skills, backed by examples of how you have displayed them.
  • Don’t use big words to impress. It’s usually obvious when somebody tries, and a large percentage of those who do try use the words incorrectly.
  • Don’t include information that isn’t relevant such as your hobbies.
  • Don’t submit a generic cover letter that you have used for half a dozen job applications. It’s usually obvious and is a sign to employers that you aren’t interested enough to expend any effort.
  • Don’t write a cover letter that is over 1 page. It probably won’t get read.

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