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Writing a Winning Construction Engineer Cover Letter

Becoming a construction engineer is quite unlike most jobs you will apply for. A construction engineer cover letter needs to demonstrate the key skills all engineers need include the understanding of BIM, qualifications to get you ABET accredited and communication. Whether a construction company cover letter or a pastoral cover letter it must be professional and focus on the skill set they need the most. Everyone has experience of communication, even if not professionally, so this is a great thing to start with. Draw any experiences you have had previously as an example of why you would do well in construction. Generally, if you are applying for a position within construction you will have the qualifications you need to do the job, if not then your cover letter for construction should include your willingness to work towards these qualifications as well as the skills you have that would suit the position. See a construction cover letter sample here.

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The Structure of a Construction Engineer Cover Letter

Much like when you were writing essays at school the structure of your cover letter for construction is important when applying for a job. Your cover letter is the link between you and your future with a company so it needs to be professional and exactly structured as they want.

  1. Your first paragraph should explain why you are writing. Consider why you are asking for work in their company. Planning is a really important stage of writing and will help your construction company cover letter stay coherent and organized. Use this paragraph to explain why you want to work for the company, put in any research you have done already to prove that you are serious in your applications.
  2. The second paragraph is about you. It should focus on your own qualifications, experience, and qualities that make you a suitable candidate for their company. Your construction engineer cover letter should make you an appealing prospect for the company to hire. This could focus on the points of your CV that are most relevant to the position advertised.
  3. The concluding paragraph should include your contact details and thank the addressee for their time. Use it to sum up the rest of your letter as briefly as possible.
  4. Always finish your letter with thanks! The company does not owe you a job so be humble and grateful for their time.

For a construction management cover letter template click here.

What Should You Avoid When Writing Your Cover Letter?

No cover letter is empty of mistakes, whether a barista cover letter or a construction company cover letter there are always places you can go wrong. Fortunately, we are here to help!

  1. Forgetting to include contact details and attach your CV. This is a very frustrating mistake to make as the company you have contacted will have no way of replying to your application!
  2. Make sure your construction engineer cover letter is concise. No company wants to read an essay about you! Keep it short, sweet and to the point to give your letter of interest for a position a chance of getting you an interview.
  3. Focus on the attributes that are necessary to become an ABET accredited construction engineer. Relevant skills like communication and an understanding of BIM is a necessity for any great cover letter for construction.
  4. Proofreading is a huge aspect of writing a great cover letter. You have presumably spent some time perfecting it so don’t ruin your good work by not checking it over!
  5. Keep it specific to the company you are applying to. Cover letters are not a one size fits all piece of writing! Construction companies have a lot of competition so you need to explain what it is about them you are so keen on.

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We offer a variety of quality services to suit your needs, whether for writing a construction company cover letter or barista cover letters we can help you.

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Use our helpful hints and tips to write a great construction engineer cover letter!