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Writing Your Cover Letter from a Recruiter’s Perspective

professional cover letter writing services

Cover Letter Writing: Reasons to Write It

The cover letter is written along with the job application (usually resume) to motivate a reader for giving you an interview call, drawing attention to your resume, demonstrate your interest for the specific vacancy and to introduce yourself to a firm. Writing a cover letter is not too tricky. You simply have to include the things that can stand you out in the crowd. Some major statistical information can guide you more about cover letter writing. These facts and figures show the higher importance of this document so that applicants never ignore it at all. Also, get some useful info about the trusted cover letter writing service.

  • Targetting. Cover letter submission becomes highly important if you’re applying for a job that requires a large number of skills. For instance, teaching is a job that only requires knowledge and good communication skills. However, engineering job would require more technical skills.
  • Individuality. Cover letter represents you as a person. Not only your working experience and studies are listed, but your personality and exact position are being featured in a cover letter. A large number of recruiters pay more attention to a good cover letter rather than focus on a resume.
  • Respect. Cover letter is 100% equally important as the resume. However, it happens for some specific or more technical jobs. But writing this letter or preferring the professional cover letter writer is fully upon you.

Perfect Cover Letter: When to Send and When to Skip?

There are certain situations when you’re not supposed to send a cover letter. However, most of the job vacancies ask for this letter. This letter is definitely necessary in many situations as well. Here are some reasons for not sending the cover letter.

  • When you’re applying for an online job, you cant upload this letter for sure. Therefore, try to avoid sending it.
  • Many companies don’t require the applicants to submit this letter. So, follow their instructions.

Here are some situations when you definitely need to write (or hire a letter service for assistance) and submit the cover letter along with the job application.

  • When you are sure about a large number of applicants for the job you’re applying for as well.
  • When you’ve to add more skills that can’t be included in the resume all at once.
  • When the company asks for submitting the letter.
  • When you want to show the strongest qualifications and higher motivation for landing the specific job.
  • It is highly recommended to write this letter if you’re applying for the Executive-level jobs.

perfect cover letter formatting tips

Formatting Tips for Executive Cover Letters

Cover letters have got immense popularity and significance from the last decade. It happened as the applicants tried to express personal motivation level and skills to become more eligible for the certain job. Have a look at some formatting tips required for writing this letter.

  • The ideal and standard length of a cover letter is 500 words. This should not be exceeded to this limit.
  • The margins to be included in the cover letter must have the line spacing between 1 to 1.25 inches.
  • The font size for a cover letter should be equal to the one used in a resume. Try not to exceed it from the 10 to 12 point.
  • The left justified layout is ideal for the cover letter.

There are some specific styles of the cover letter that has to be kept in mind once you start to work on it.

  • Written in an active verb voice
  • Concise with supporting detail
  • Confident but not imposing
  • Positive language

Follow the UMich Cover Letter Guidelines to get more information about the certain styles and other tips of crafting a cover letter.

Sections of Cover Letter Crafted by a Professional Letter Writer

It is true that writing a cover letter can be quite complex for sure. However, paying attention to the list of its major sections would be helpful for sure.

  • Never miss the salutation. This is the actual yet professional way to say ‘Hello’ to the employer. It is written as ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ or ‘To whom it may concern’.
  • Never underestimate the first paragraph. It is the section that can show your strength through the few core competencies.
  • The results accomplished and examples of the work performed must be discussed in the second paragraph.
  • Here, you are supposed to write information you’re personally familiar with the company.
  • The final paragraph must be based on some kind words and offers to contact you. For instance, feel free to contact me.
  • End it up with few lines i.e. Yours Sincerely.

executive cover letters sections

Words to Include to an Excellent Cover Letter

These are the words that you have to include in the cover letter.

Motivated Determined
Dedicated Recognized
Experienced Promoted
Professional Awarded
Qualified Honored

Human Letter Writing Service vs Online Tool

There are particular advantages of the professional letter writing help and the online tools for it. The cover letter written by an experienced writer is seen differently from the letter created by an online tool.

Benefits of choosing the human expert writers:

  • The authors are well-aware of making multiple corrections in the cover letter repeatedly.
  • They use HR-approved strategy to make the cover letter worthwhile from every aspect.
  • The proper format and design can be used and rectified upon the request once you choose the team of writers.
  • The human can easily understand your point (instructions) to present yourself in the appropriate way.
  • The direct communication with a writer can allow you to make additions to the cover letter as per your requirement.
  • The author can even guide you about each line written by him in the cover letter. This is quite helpful to do the best preparation for the interview.

Here are some pros of the online tools to create the cover letters quickly. Now, it is upon you to go for this option or the other one.

Advantages of using online tools:

  • The tools are ideal to compose the cover letters within few minutes.
  • You can even make online editing by using the same site for creating the cover letter.

Tool example: “I am a proficient candidate who can be a good addition to your firm.

Human rephrasing:  “I can be a good addition to your organization by proving myself as a professional employee.”

quote about writing a cover letter

What Does the Human Resource Department Say about Cover Letters?

It is a fact that every job applicant must be aware of the HR requirements for a CV or cover letter. Demonstrating industry awareness and to spread the knowledge are necessary to land the desired job. Get some more info for the clarity.

  1. The recruiters look for a cover letter that seems specific to the firm or the position.
  2. The ideal suggestion for manufacturing cover letter is to follow the appropriate format. It is quite important to b kept under consideration.
  3. Employers never even touch the letter with lack of proofreading or editing. The Human Resource Departments of different companies give higher focus to it.
  4. The cover letter addressed to the actual person, in the beginning, is likely to get more attention than the one with the title like, “To whom it may concern”.
  5. The details about the certain position or vacancy are necessary to be added.
  6. The references matter a lot. It is true that the job applications with the reference of someone you know in the company get more attention from the recruiters.
  7. The proper explanation of how you’re qualified for the certain job and meet the required skills always grab the eyeballs of the selection team. Apart from presenting yourself in an ideal manner, it is definitely important to do.
  8. The briefly written cover letter is something that gets all the attention of the recruiters as compared to the detailed one. This shows that your letter would be read by the hiring team before the other letters (if it is written concisely).
  9. The genuineness of the content is seen by the employers. It is quite simple for them to identify that either a letter is rephrased or originally written by the applicant. It does matter and sometimes become the reasons of your applicant’s refusal.

These are some common sayings and perspectives of the Human Resource departments (of different companies). Every candidate needs to rely on these points to make their way to land a job simpler. After all, it is related to your professional career that can either make or break the chances of success in the future.

Concluding Lines

The trend of buying professional resume or cover letter writing services is increasing with every passing day. One of the major goals of cover letter writing should be how well-crafted it is. Therefore, you should not do any compromise on the quality of content to make your cover letter valuable. More than 50% of the cover letters written by job seekers are rejected by the employers. Although, the applicants give their best to compose a good cover letter and they personally find it worth to read. However, the perspectives of the employers are different. You can’t think that the unique writing style and some engaging sentences can let them decide to give you an interview call. Our help is recommended in all the aspects:

  • Professionalism. We have a qualified team of authors who know the exact way of impressing employers through writing the outstanding cover letters.
  • Direct contact with the assigned expert. We do offer the direct communication with the authors so that the clients can share all the important points of instructions.
  • Revisions & recommendations. Our team also provides the clients with explanation and commentaries for the cover letters or resumes created by them. This way, you can also prepare for the interview by brightening up the chances of getting a job.
  • Reduced rates. Additional discounts are given to returned buyers for all kinds of our writing services (for job applications, essays and many other types of documents).
  • Transparent payment. The process of placing an order is quite simple. So, hurry up and hire our professional writer.

Writing a cover letter help by a reliable team can increase 50% chances to land you a good job. With our resume/cover letter writing help, you will impress the potential employers!