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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing a Real Estate Agent Cover Letter


Becoming an estate agent is quite unlike most jobs you will apply for. A real estate agent cover letter needs to demonstrate the key skills all agents need: communication and selling skills. Whether an appraiser cover letter or a letter of interest for a position your contact with a company must be professional and focus on the skill set they need the most. Everyone has experience in communication, even if not professionally, so this is a great thing to start with.

Draw any experiences you have had previously as an example of why you would make a great licensed real estate appraiser or appraisal manager. Selling experience is a little harder to come by but examples of your persuasiveness in written or verbal situations in your appraiser cover letter are all a good start on your way to a career as an appraisal manager. real estate agent cover letter writing help

How to Write Your Real Estate Agent Cover Letter

The special set of skills you need to be a great licensed real estate appraiser is an absolute necessity in any realtor cover letter. The letter needs to be short, snappy and get to the point quickly to avoid your addressee losing interest.

  • Planning is the first step to writing a great cover letter. Writing a frame for what you need to include will allow you to fill it with the information you have research or taken from your CV.
  • Your address needs to be at the top, like any letter, with the rest of your contact details included below to ensure you are contactable!
  • Try not to begin your letter with “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To Whom it May Concern” as this seems very impersonal. A little research should tell you who you need to be writing to and this could make you look a lot more serious about your job search.
  • The first paragraph of your appraiser cover letter should include why you want to work for this particular company. Any research you have done about the company can be put in here to demonstrate your understanding and the thoughtfulness with which you applied.
  • The next paragraph of your realtor cover letter should be about you! This will include all the key skills you need to be a great appraisal manager including your selling and communication skills.
  • The concluding paragraph should sum up everything else in your real estate agent cover letter for your addressee to read with ease.
  • Make sure you finish by giving your thanks to the addressee for taking their time to read through your appraiser cover letter.

You can look through some real estate appraiser cover letter samples.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Realtor Cover Letter

  • Forgetting to include contact details and attach your CV. This is a very frustrating mistake to make as the company you have contacted will have no way of replying to your application!
  • Make sure your realtor cover letter is concise. No company wants to read an essay about you! Keep it short, sweet and to the point to give your letter of interest for a position a chance of getting you an interview.
  • Focus on the attributes that are necessary to become a licensed real estate appraiser. Selling and communication skills are an absolute necessity to include in any great appraiser cover letter.
  • Proofreading is a huge aspect of writing a great cover letter. You have presumably spent some time perfecting it so don’t ruin your good work by not checking it over!
  • Keep it specific to the company you are applying to. Cover letters are not a one size fits all piece of writing! Especially estate agent companies who aim to compete with each other and be different from one another it’s important to focus on their particular merits.

appraiser cover letter tips

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  • If you send us your CV we can go through and sharpen it up for you, or use it to write applications, cover letters and letters of inquiry.

Our cover letter writing service is top quality, giving you the confidence you need to accept help with your real estate agent cover letter. You will receive the help of an experienced, talented writer who will guide you through the process of creating a persuasive realtor cover letter to give you the best chance of getting interviews and job offers.

Cover letters aren’t a topic to take lightly but with our great writers and help guides you will have no trouble at all creating the perfect appraiser cover letter.

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