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Cold Contact Cover Letter Writing Benefits: Points to Know


When you’re applying for a new job, you can’t just send off the same old cover letter every time. You need to customize your letter to fit the expectations and requirements of your prospective employer. They want to be given special treatment when you contact them and this is an absolute must if you want to stand any chance of getting your dream job. Learn how to format cover letter types properly and achieve the success you deserve.

efficient cold contact cover letter sample

The Process of Job Searching

Understanding how hunting for a job works as a step-by-step series of events will help you gain an insight into successful cover letter writing.

The first thing you need to do is to examine your current achievements to date and work out your skill set and professional area of interest. With this done, you can begin to put together your resume and a draft cover letter that includes all the relevant information you expect your prospective employer to be interested in.

Detecting Job Requirements

Take a look at the kinds of words the job posting uses. See if you can match these to the achievements you’ve had over the years and then use keywords that reflect the kinds of qualities clearly requested in the job ad. This involves using plenty of strong verbs and lots of relevant results-oriented statements. It’s important to avoid stock phrases and clichés though.

Different locations around the world have varying expectations from their employees and this is reflected in the way you write your cover letter as well. If it’s your aim to find local jobs that are convenient to travel to and from, you’ll need to be well aware of what your local employers hope to gain from giving you a job.

You would be well advised to check out the company’s website if their job description doesn’t give you enough ammunition. Even if you can’t find a more detailed ad on their site, you’ll gain a feeling for what they stand for and you can use this to your advantage.
cover letter for position not advertised

What Is Cold Contact?

Not every job opportunity is going to be advertised in shining, bright lights and it’s about time you took the initiative. You can contact companies regarding a position you’d like by writing a solid cold contact cover letter that makes them think twice about their job vacancies. It’s not such an easy task to make a resume for job, though, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you start.

In this sense, cold contact refers to your sending of an unrequested cover letter in the hope that a job vacancy might arise as a result. It differs from typical cover letters in that you have to prove to your prospective employer that you can provide something vital that they don’t yet even realize they need.

Writing a cold cover letter to a potential employer is a brave move that’ll be highly respected if you do it right. Although they might not specifically be on the hunt for new team members, when you submit a high-quality cover letter for the position not advertised, you’ll hit them like a bolt out of the blue and they’ll soon see what they’re missing.


When to Use Cold Contact

Cold contact is intimately linked with your value proposition. If you know that a company could benefit from your unique skills and abilities despite not advertising for a position that covers such things, it’s time to get in touch.

Find out as much as possible about your target company before you contact them. If you know all there is to know about their operations, their competitors and how they could improve in your particular niche, the time is ripe and you should take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have an inside contact at your chosen company, use this information to your benefit. Find out the kinds of skills the company values over all others and see how you fit into their mold. Needless to say, you should fit snugly if you want to land a job with them.
writing cold cover letter to potential employer

How to Compose a Cold Cover Letter

When you’re composing a cold cover letter to a potential employer, you can’t rely on the advertised job description like usually. After all, there isn’t going to be one. As such, there are a few tips you’d be well advised to follow if you want to achieve the success you deserve for breaking the mould and taking the initiative like this.

Your first paragraph should explain why you are writing

Consider why you are asking for work in their company. Planning is a really important stage of writing and will help your letter of interest for a teaching position or wherever you might be applying to stay coherent and organized. Use this paragraph to explain why you want to work for the company, put in any research you have done already to prove that you are serious in your applications.

The second paragraph is about you

It should focus on your own qualifications, experience, and qualities that make you a suitable candidate for their company. Your letter of interest for a position should make you an appealing prospect for the company to hire. This could be a more detailed version of the personal section of your cover letter without just regurgitating your CV!

The concluding paragraph should include your contact details and thank the addressee for their time

Use it, to sum up, the rest of your letter as briefly as possible.

Always finish your letter with thanks

The company does not owe you a job to be humble and grateful for their time.

words to use in cover letter

Explaining What Attracted You to This Company

Aside from the business style of writing that you’ll have to adopt when explaining your suitability for your preferred position, the most important aspect of composing such a letter is the process of defining what attracted you to this company. You need to make a very strong statement, particularly because your letter is unrequested and uncalled for.

You must explain precisely why your presence would be beneficial to the company. If you take a look at their website and get a good feel for their stated aims and the overall company culture, you will quickly see how this fits in with your particular skills and experience. Matching up your skills to their needs is the key to success in any job hunting situation and it’s never truer than when making cold contact.

If there’s an individual who works for your chosen company, leverage this as much as is reasonable. Ask them if they would be happy to provide a reference and perhaps put in a good word on your behalf. If so, you should include the existence of a mutual contact and their role as a referee in the first paragraph of your cover letter.


Extra Bits You Shouldn’t Forget

It’s easy to get lost in the passion of it all when you’re writing to a company you desperately want to work with, and you mustn’t forget the most important details in the heat of the moment.

Take some time to gather evidence that demonstrates how you can benefit the company. They will want to see that you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk after all. You could do this using numerical data that shows the extent to which you improved a particular aspect of your current employer’s business. Alternatively, you could provide a link to an article referring to your success.

Speaking of taking time, it’s important to send your cold cover letter at precisely the right moment. Although the quality of your letter is vitally important, your success rate has just as much to do with your intuitive understanding of the company and their needs at present. You can always wait until the right moment to strike if you have a firm feeling of where the company is going over the next few months.

Some of the Trickiest Questions to Answer

If you’ve written a stellar cover letter for a position not advertised, your prospective employer is really going to want to test your mettle. There are several tricky questions they could ask you, and it’s important to be able to pre-empt them and tackle them strongly.

  • Oftentimes, questions are designed to reveal your communication strategies and to lay bare any shortcomings you might have on this front. JobSite has listed 14 of the hardest questions to answer on the subject of communicating in difficult scenarios. Make sure you don’t get caught by doing your research in advance.
  • If you’re a recent college graduate, you’re brand-new to the job hunting game. You’ll need all the help you can get, especially as there’ll be plenty of questions specifically designed to trip graduates up and really push them out of their comfort zone. Target Jobs has 9 difficult questions, each with interesting ways of answering them properly.
  • LiveCareer has assembled a short but sweet list of the three most common interview questions that are designed to trip you up. Whether it’s explaining how you overcome your biggest flaws or it’s describing why you want to work with them, these three questions are vital inclusions in anyone’s interview preparation.
  • The Balance is useful as ever and has come up with a thorough list of 10 of the trickiest interview questions and ways of answering them effectively. Make sure your communication skills shine through when you follow the advice laid out here.
  • Interviews can be exceedingly difficult if you’re in the business of sales, and interviewers are always thinking of trickier ways to rehash the same old questions. Get to grips with the best ways to answer these problematic questions by following the advice from Monster.

A cold contact is a useful tool when used at the most opportune time. It requires extensive research on your part of it’s to go well, so you should find out everything you can about your target company. Writing cover letter accounting internship or engineering requires you to be extremely aware of your value as a professional and how your skills can translate into achievements for the company.

If you can make your prospective employer see an opportunity where one doesn’t exist before, you’re in with a great chance of getting a job. You might even have gone so far as to invent a whole new job title within the company.
cold contact cover letter writing advice

Seeking for Job Opportunities Online

It’s all well and good talking about how to break down and analyze individual job postings in order to target your employer directly. But what if you can’t find the right job ads in the first place? One of the most efficient ways of seeking for job opportunities is to use an online platform such as these top 5 listed below.

  • LinkedIn: If you’re a professional, you’ll know how important it is to network among potential clients and employers. LinkedIn is essentially social media for professional networking purposes and it even lets you upload your resume and show it off to all the potential employers out there.
  • SimplyHired: The site functions as a search engine that works to help you narrow down your preferred employers based on all kinds of characteristics. You can sign up for email alerts so you’ll be first in the jobs queue at all times.
  • CareerBuilder: This site is essentially a giant jobs board, giving you access to all the latest job ads from all sorts of companies, as well as timely advice on getting employed. You can search by location too, so if you need to find local jobs, this is one of the best ways to do it.
  • Job.com: This one works both ways, letting employers search for ideal candidates as well as vice versa. You can upload your resume to make the most of this function, and it even helps you to construct your resume if you haven’t made the most of your potential yet.
  • Monster: Functioning as something in between LinkedIn and CareerBuilder, this offers a huge selection of job ads and a networking interface that certainly works well. There’s an email alerts service for all the latest news to keep you ahead of the competition if you’re diligent enough.

Learning how to format a cover letter is a complex process that involves plenty of introspection and analysis of individual job postings, but it’s a task that you can break down into manageable chunks when you take the right advice on board.

It’s all about applying the right information in the proper way to your finance or barista cover letters. Do this and you’ll get results straight away. Use the hints and tips expounded upon above and you’ll leave most of your peers lagging behind right from the start.

Compose a cold contact cover letter with all the facts to hand and you really can’t go wrong if use the help of our service!