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Cover Letter without Contact Name

Cover Letter without Contact NameIf you’ve ever seen one of those web sites where you’re told to send your application to: Info/services/whatever) @ somecompanyyou’veneverheardof with no other information, you know this problem. Writing a cover letter without a contact person can be a bit stressful, to say the least. It’s really not best practice to send a letter to an organization without at least a basic addressee, department or other directional information. What’s the employer supposed to do with it?

Although most organizations will be able to see that you’ve sent a cover letter with a resume or CV, and get it to the right place, it’s not a confidence-building exercise. You’d obviously feel better with an addressee.

A Few Things You Can Do:

  • Email the recruiters first, because they need phone time for their searches.
  • Don’t try to call recruiters after sending your resume/CV.
  • Search on LinkedIn for a contact and/ or more information.
  • If you’re really lost – Change your mind and call the front desk; receptionists know everything.

cover letter without contact

Tweet #1

@resumecoverlets If you don’t have a contact for your cover letter, email the recruiters first, because they need phone time for their searches.
Cover letters without contacts aren’t really the end of the world, even if they can use up quite a bit of time. Some organizations, particularly large organizations, can be more than a bit messy with their contact information.

When not to Send a Cover Letter without a Contact

While we’re on the subject, a few words of warning:

  • Don’t waste time and effort “spraying” job applications around. Cold canvassing can pay off, but you really do need to warm up your job leads before sending anything.
  • Best practice is to call, discuss, and send an application or resume only if invited. Do NOT bombard employers, particularly the ones you’re really interested in, with nuisance job applications. You’re certainly not going to get a job that doesn’t exist, and you can really irritate some people who would otherwise be helpful.
  • If you’re not sure about something as basic as contacts, ask yourself what other information you don’t have and should have. You may find that you lack information regarding important issues like core skills, job requirements, etc. That means that you may have to rethink your application, too.

cover letter without contactTweet#2

@resumecoverlets Don’t try to call recruiters after sending your resume/CV.

Another Perspective on the Lack of a Contact Person

While the lack of a contact person is usually not more than a procedural glitch, and it’s not really a gigantic deal, it’s not a great way to start out a relationship with a new employer, either. Lack of such basic information is pretty unprofessional. You may wish to reconsider your application, if the employer is unresponsive or appears disorganized, or perhaps just plain lazy.

Good employers make occasional mistakes, but bad employers are a virtual road map of nothing but mistakes. Check out the company again. See any glaring errors? Do they look like they’re doing business, or just going through the motions? What about standards of presentation, site info, etc.?

Image credit: http://theperfectweddingdress.net/sample-cover-letter-without-employer-name/

If you have doubts, your instincts may be telling you to watch out. There are many stories online of hiring companies which seemed weird and inefficient and turned out to be weird and inefficient. If you’re having second thoughts, go with your instincts.