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Best Sample Nursing Cover Letter to Follow

Our sample nursing cover letter or medical director cover letter example will provide you with help and guidance with formatting and writing your own letter. Our nursing cover letter sample will also show you the level to which our service can provide you with a letter of your own. We do not just copy or modify our cover letter samples for nurses; each letter is written from scratch to reflect you and the specific role to which you are applying. Unlike a generic sample cover letter nursing, our writers will tailor a very specific and unique cover letter just for you; we fully guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with what they create for you.
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The Sample of Nursing Cover Letter

Justice Smith

435 Happy Trail Rd.

Minneapolis, MN 55412


[email protected]


Date: December 8, 2012


Mr. James Jones

ABC Home Care Corporation

1234 Colorado Lane

Minneapolis, MN 55412


Dear Mr. Jones,

Nursing is my passion and I adore what I do. I have been an R.N. for 15 years, and prior to that I worked as a nursing assistant for 5 years. After viewing your job advertisement in the Twin Cities Tribune, I feel that I have the experience and skills to be your new R.N. Case Manager.

Although I haven’t worked in the home health industry for 10 years, I have the desired experience to manage a large client load, perform assessments, and oversee the home care staff that is providing daily care to clients. While living in Montana, I was an R.N. Unite Supervisor in the Med/Surg department of a large level 1 trauma hospital in the metro area. The unit I managed had 300 beds, and I had a staff of 30 nurses, 40 aides, and 12 HUC’s. I worked closely with other healthcare professionals to make sure that proper home care was in place upon discharge, when necessary. Thus, I feel confident that I have full understanding of the scope of home care services, and have the experience necessary to help with the transitions from the home care end of things.

After becoming a nurse in 1997, I went back to school and completed my graduate studies in nursing. I obtained my Master’s degree in Nursing in 2000, and have been working as a nursing supervisor since then. My scope of experience includes patient care, working with physicians and other healthcare providers, coordinating care, and managing nursing teams.

I truly enjoy being an R.N. and look forward to speaking with you about how we can work together to meet the needs of your home care clients. I have attached my CV, references, and a copy of my current MN state license, as requested. Thank you for considering me for the position of R.N. Case Manager with ABC Home Care Corporation.



Justice Smith

5 Practical Tips to Compose a Fascinating Nursing Cover Letter

The cover letter samples for nursing will give you an idea of how a cover letter looks like. This kind of is of great importance to your job application because it is what your employer is going to read to know more about the person he is about to recruit.

If they are done right, cover letters are a key factor in getting a nursing candidate’s the job in any company of application. Of course, many nursing candidates understand this so they spend time researching how to write good cover letters. Here are some tips to know and follow when writing a nursing cover letter:

  • Make it brief.  Ensure that your nursing cover letter is straightforward and simple. Do not include unnecessary information. Your main focus should be on showing your passion and interest for the job. It should display your nursing talents, training and expanse of your education.
  • Display your passion and interest. The cover letter should be focused on showing your interest in the job which you want to apply for. Show your employer the passion you have for nursing and make him realize that you mean business.
  • Reasonable introduction. The introduction of the cover letter should be engaging and well prepared because this is what will make your employer want to read more about what you have to offer. A good introduction will determine the focus that will be placed on your cover letter.
  • Promote yourself. In your cover letter, you should be able to promote yourself with enthusiasm. You should focus on highlighting your strengths and go over your qualifications, accomplishments, education and specialized training.
  • Sharing personal stories and experience- If you have any personal stories or experiences that are related to the nursing job, there is no harm in sharing them. It can connect you closer to your employer.

You need to make sure that your nursing cover letter is free from errors, look out for spellings and grammar. When you keep these tips for writing a great nursing cover letter in mind, you can help yourself land a job that’s a great fit for your skills, qualifications, training and education.

sample cover letter nursing writing

Why You Have to Choose Our Expert Service?

We provide you with cover letter samples for nurses to assist you to know how it should look like and also to enable you to write your own at your convenient time. It is different from a generic sample cover letter nursing, we will give you a unique cover letter that will reflect you alone and what you are applying for.

Our services are well organized and are written at the highest standard possible. There are a lot of things you will benefit from allowing us to prepare your nursing cover letter. Working with us is your best option and you will get to benefit the following from our service:

  • No stress. When you offer us to privilege of writing a nursing cover letter for you, you tend to save yourself a lot of stress because the cover letter for nursing can be a bit complex most times and consume a lot of energy to prepare.
  • High-quality writing. Our writers have it at the back of their mind to provide the highest quality when they are preparing a write-up. So be rest assured that our first priority is to offer you nothing but quality.
  • Save your time. Giving us the job of preparing your cover letter will save you a lot of time and make you lay your focus on other things that are related to the job such as the interview.

You certainly will not regret working with us, we are focused on satisfying your needs.

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