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Our Writing Resume Cover Letter Tips

Why Is the Cover Letter So Important?

The cover letter plays a very important part of a job application which can initially show you to be a serious job candidate. When you are applying for a position in a business organization, be as professional as possible when you write cover letter, treat it as a prospecting paper as this is the first page that an employer will look at.

There could be many applicants for a particular job opening so the person who submits a winning cover letter will likely get noticed at once. Hence it is important to write cover letter professionally, this will put you above all the other applicants.

If first impressions are seen as being important, then cover letters might be described as one of the most important aspects of the entire job search process. It has been said that half of the employers will not read your resume, unless it is accompanied by a cover letter and even more will reject it, based on the quality of the letter.
resume cover letter professional tips

Ten Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for Job Application

A good cover letter can help you land a job interview when the field of candidates gets narrowed.

The following job cover letter tips will help you write a cover letter that makes the right impression:

  • Keep your cover letter brief. The cover letter should be one page or less. Its purpose isn’t to cover everything. You need just enough information to generate an interest in learning more. Three to four short paragraphs is generally enough.
  • Target your cover letter. Focus on covering skills you have the job description specifically mentions. A separate cover letter can be written that targets each job you apply for.
  • Format. Make sure you use the correct format for your cover letter.
  • Research. Research the company and include something in the cover letter that indicates to the reader you have taken the time to research. They will appreciate the interest shown.
  • Don’t duplicate your resume. The cover letter should complement your resume and add to it by focusing on specific skills the position requires that you have.
  • Review cover letter samples. Reviewing a sample of cover letters can provide useful ideas and information on how to write your own cover letter.
  • Use a clear and concise style of writing. You don’t need long elaborate sentences. Use short easy to understand sentences that get straight to the point.
  • Keep it relevant. Don’t include any information that doesn’t pertain to the job or your qualifications. If it isn’t related then leave it out.
  • Don’t discuss salary or benefits. The cover letter should focus on what you can do for the company, not what they can do for you.
  • Proofread your cover letter. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors don’t make a good impression.

Keywords and Cover Letter Basics

When writing any job application, keywords are an important issue. In a one-page cover letter, (which is how long the cover letter is supposed to be) keywords for a cover letter may include a wide range of different options, even for the same job.

The main reason for using keywords in any job application is the fact that all applications are now computer screened. The Application Tracking System (ATS) software now in use is quite efficient and will create a profile of a job applicant based on the use of keywords.

This may seem to be a rather basic approach, but it is a proven nuts and bolts method of managing what may be a very large amount of data. The bottom line here is that the ATS may have to process hundreds or thousands of applications. It is simply not a workable option for employers to manage this type of workload manually.

Which Keywords to Use?

This is a perfectly natural question, but the reality is that it’s a good idea to use as many keywords as possible. What really matters is information quality and content, and you can use keywords as both subject and descriptors in your cover letter.

For example, in a retail customer service job, there are a fairly large number of natural keywords which are easy to use in a cover letter:

  • Retail.
  • Customer service.
  • Retail sales.
  • Cash balance.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Inventory.

This is just a small selection of obvious keywords. These keywords will be modified by the type of retail trade, the type of business in which the employer is engaged, and the business environment. For instance, a boutique retail customer service job would not be using the same keywords as a supermarket retail customer service job.

All you need to do is create a straightforward narrative of your skills and experience, using the keyword systematically in the body of your text. This is pretty straightforward, and shouldn’t cause you any real issues when writing your cover letter. Simply include keywords as natural elements of sentences.
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