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Writing a Professional Pastoral Cover Letter with Us


How Important Is It to Know How to Write a Pastoral Cover Letter?

Applying for a job as a pastor you will be looking to have your application impressive enough for the committee reviewing it to want to invite you for an interview. This, however, is not going to be a simple task even if you are a skilled writer. With excessive numbers of applicants, they will rarely spend very long on your application so you have to make sure that it is outstanding and attention-grabbing. Often your pastoral cover letter or medical director cover letter is going to be your first chance to make an impression.

An impressive covering letter can be your chance to start the process of selling yourself and to really make them want to learn more about you. But writing that letter in a way that is going to be effective is not always a simple task to undertake.
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How Should Your Pastoral Cover Letter Be Written?

If you take a look at our professionally written sample cover letter for pastor position you will see that your letter really needs to be carefully fitted to the application that you will make. Using a generic letter that could be about anyone or failing to reflect what the recruiters are looking for is not going to be effective. The following writing tips for your pastoral cover letter will help you to develop something that will get you noticed:

  • Ensure that you use a template for your letter that is clear and professionally laid out. Most business letter templates will do. Use a font in a minimum of 12pt size and ensure that it is easy to read.
  • Address your letter to the person that will be in charge of hiring. A quick phone call will often furnish this information if it is not immediately obvious from the job advert.
  • Review the job advert and any other information that you have to carefully identify the specific skills and accomplishments that they will be looking for from an employee and prioritize them to identify what you believe are the most important.
  • Within the main body of your letter show that you clearly meet the top 3-5 of those things that you know they are looking for.
  • Do not statements that are not substantiated. If you are a good man manager give an example and show the outcome.
  • Make sure that you carefully proofread your writing so that you can be sure there are no errors in the letter that you send, you want to make a perfect first impression.


3 Powerful Do’s to Make Your Pastoral Cover Letter Effective

Though it may seem and sound easy finding a pastor’s responsibilities in a church anywhere could be quite a challenging endeavour. First, there should be a vacancy and next, you may need to convince the church committee that you are the most suitable pastor to keep and take their congregation into the future.

Once you have drawn up your application it is imperative that a pastor cover letter to resume is attached. To ensure that you get the attention of the respective church committee it would be prudent to know how to write a pastoral cover letter.

If you are to be considered as the next pastor for that congregation your application along with the pastoral cover letter should touch the right chord in all members of the church committee.

  • Short, Precise and Professional. Be very short, precise and professional in what you have to say. Select the right words and be polite and endearing towards the reader.
  • Tell them what you have done. Your experience as a pastor is very important to them. Highlight what you have achieved in your previous engagements. Convince them why you are looking for a change.
  • Convince them as to what they could expect. You should tell them in just a few words as to what you could do for their congregation. What the future would be for the church with you as the pastor.

pastoral cover letter writing help

Essential Skills for the Application on Pastoral Job Position

As a pastor in a church, there are a large number of responsibilities that would need to be convincingly dispensed if you would want to be successful. The attributes and skills that you would have, needs to be well laid out in your application with a comprehensively written out pastor cover letter to resume which would be attached.

It is imperative that your pastoral cover letter which would be your first page of introduction and especially about your skills for the job being laid out very precisely and professionally. The perusing church committee has to be impressed sufficiently in the first few lines, to give you the interview.

You would need to have the right skills for the job but most of all you should know how to write a pastoral cover letter which would jolt the church committee to take a positive attitude towards your application. We look at the following skills which would be needed if you are to lead a flock of dedicated churchgoers and keep them under your protective wing.


Every member of a church congregation would look up to the pastor for leadership especially when the chips are down.


As the pastor, you would need to be impartial in all your dealings with your congregation. It is only then, would they trust and confide with you which would make your job of leading them that much easier.

Church procedures

The pastor would need to be well versed in all matters concerning church procedures and ensure that everything is conducted in a prim and proper manner.

Theological knowledge

The pastor should have a thorough knowledge on all theological matters and conduct oneself with utter decorum and responsibility.

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Our Guarantees

We offer a range of guarantees to give you confidence in our work and to make your life as easy as possible. We want to set you on the way for church employment with how to write a pastoral cover letter.

  • We provide 100% original work so you can be sure you will stand out from the crowd.
  • Full refunds are offered if you aren’t completely satisfied with your letter or if deadlines are not met.
  • You will get 24/7 customer support so you never have to worry that you can’t get help when you need it.
  • Our rates are incredibly competitive so you can be sure you won’t have to pay out of the nose for our services.

Our great services and hugely talented writers will set you on your way for church employment with a high quality, unique pastoral cover letter. With affordable prices and guaranteed deadlines, we are your best bet for getting the job with a great cover letter which is definitely not worse than cover letter LinkedIn examples. Look at our pastoral cover letter samples to give you confidence in our work and compare with high-quality examples of help sites to show you just how good we are.

Use our help to write a great pastoral cover letter and get into church employment!